Sardinia’s Blue Flag Beaches 2016

Sardinia has done it again with an impressive 28 Blue Flags flying effortlessly around her turquoise coast. That is 21 more blue flags since 2013, so there is plenty of beach to play for those seeking a little vitamin sea in the heart of the Mediterranean.

What is a Blue Flag?

2000px-Blue_Flag_Logo.svgThe Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-certification awarded to beaches and marinas in countless countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean.

When you see a Blue Flag flying, you know a beach or marina is clean and accessible; has great water quality; meets high safety standards; and is working hard to protect local shorelines and ecosystems. Blue Flags are flying at 25 beaches and six marinas in Canada.

Beaches are awarded the blue flag based on several criteria which the beach must meet; should the beach fail to comply with these criteria during the year, the blue flag can be withdrawn. Here are just a few of the criteria needed:

  • Environmental Education and Information
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Safety and Services

It takes a strong community and desire to keep these beaches immaculate. These 28 beaches are sparkling gems from Sardinia’s coastal populations. Please enjoy responsibly.

28 Blue Flag Beaches: Sardinia 2013-2016
(by province)


  • Poetto, Quartu Sant’ Elena
  • Mare Pintau, Quartu Sant’ Elena
  • Portu Tramatzu, Teulada
  • Sabbie Bianche, Teulada
  • Tuerredda, Teulada


La Rena Bianca by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

Rena Bianca

  • Spiaggia di Li Junchi, Badesi
  • L’Isuledda, Porto Pollo
  • La Sciumara, Palau
  • Foce Fiume Liscia, Palau
  • Palau Vecchio, Palau
  • Spiaggia dei due Mari, Isola Caprera
  • Spiaggia del Relitto, Isola Caprera
  • Porto Lungo, La Maddalena
  • Spalmatore, La Maddalena
  • Rena Ponente, Capo Testa
  • Rena Bianca, Capo Testa
  • Zia Culumba, Capo Testa


  • Lido di Cea, Tortoli
  • Lido di Orri, Tortoli
  • Muxi, Tortoli
  • Orri Foxilioni, Tortoli
  • La Capannina or Potente, Arbatax
  • Porto Frailia, Arbatax


  • Spiaggia di Torregrande, Oristano


Rena Bianca

Rena Bianca

  • Marina di Sorso, Sorso
  • Madonnina/Stella Maris, Castelsardo
  • Sacro Cuore/Ampurias, Castelsardo
  • Porto Ferro, Sassari

There you have it! 28 stunning stretches of sand, sea and sun to sink your feet into. Which beach(s) have you set foot on?

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Top 10 things I miss the most about Sardinia

It’s the little things that I miss the most about Sardinia, and seven months later I’m still heartbroken over leaving her beautiful, mysterious land. Considering I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia over my breakup, I’ve decided to compile a short top 10 list of what I miss the most about her.

Jennifer Avventura

Top 10 Things I miss the most about Sardinia

  1. Saying buongiorno when entering any type of shop.
  2. The Mediterranean smell of her salt water hair.
  3. A perfectly poured espresso with a mirto chaser.
  4. The sloping red, granite landscape.
  5. Pasta, oh yes, pasta!
  6. The earthy, dirty red known as Cannonau.
  7. Swimming in the crystal, clear, clean waters only known unto her.
  8. Her secret and seductive language.
  9. Seadas, seadas, seadas!
  10. Her humble and hospitable people.

I lived on her land for six long, beautiful years and there is not a day that passes that I don’t think or daydream about her. I’ve set foot on countless countries but Sardinia really, truly stole my heart.

Have you recently re-expatriated? How are your feelings of nostalgia?

10 things you didn’t know about me

  1. I studied Thai kick boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, karate, Jeet Kune Do and have a white belt in all four, watch out!
  2. I played soccer at the community level for 15 years, in Canada and England.
  3. I studied lyrical jazz for 15 years and loved it, till I broke my ankle (see #2.)
  4. My first job was delivering Sears catalogs; Christmastime sucked. My second job, I was a chambermaid, where everyday pretty much sucked. My third job was a waitress at a local sports bar which didn’t suck at all!
  5. I’m a professional waitress, who’s worked in Australia, England, Cayman Islands and Italy, and have over 20 years experience serving the public. Yikes!
  6. I can do the splits, both ways (see #1).
  7. I graduated from college with a diploma in Human Relations. My favourite class was Deviant Behaviour. I used my new diploma to sling beer at all hours of the night, then followed my spirit down the path of travel to the center of Australia.
  8. I have super-sonic hearing and can watch a program in Italian, listen to my friends rattle on in Gallurese and hear the kitten mew down the street and, understand everything.
  9. After 18 years I can see my natural blonde locks, and I don’t like it.
  10. I have natural curly hair?

Jennifer Avventura (2)

I would like to give a special shout-out to Lisa from Bites for Babies who nominated My Sardinian Life for the Liebster Award. This marks the second Liebster Award for MSL. Thank you, Lisa. 🙂 Please be sure to check out Lisa’s fabulous, yummy blog. She provides great recipes for children and adults alike.


And now, for the 11th thing you didn’t know about me: I don’t like chain letters or chain blog posts, but I truly appreciate the mentions and links from fellow bloggers.  I won’t pass on this prestigious blogging award but I will place it on my mantle for all to see.

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Tell me something I don’t know about you.

8 things you should know before moving to Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia_MapThis blog My Sardinian Life receives daily hits from people looking to move to Sardinia, Italy. So, I’ve compiled a little list for those out there searching for a life less ordinary in paradise. The search engine terms which brought people to my little blog are always written in English: Sardinia cost of living, move to Sardinia, jobs Sardinia and so on.

Canada, England, Australia and America want ‘in’ on this little island secret but before you pack your bags, take these pointers into consideration. My intention with this post is to put into perspective what day-to-day life is like on the most stunning island in the world – Sardinia, Italy. Disclaimer: these are just my opinions.  Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons I’ll Miss the Italian Job

It would be a complete injustice if I wrote only about the horrors I faced this year with my Italian job(s). There were a few good points to waiting tables in Italy and I’ve listed them for you in a fun Top 10 List.

Top 10 Reasons I’ll Miss the Italian Job

10. The fabulous multi-cultural clients.

9. The extra €20 slipped into my pocket, every other night.

8. Being offered to sit and drink with clients during my shift (was offered many, many times but never took anyone up on the offer).

7. Nightly raids of the (permitted) gelato station – pistachio here I come!

6. Well-behaved gorgeous children from all walks of life.

5. The Russians. They were hilarious, generous and polite.

4. The blazing orange sun-set.

3. My Italian, Sardinian, Czech, Hungarian and German colleagues. They were all a fabulous bunch of people.

2. Packing take-away lunch and dinner for my husband from the staff dining-hall. The food was good – plus I had to pay for it!

1. Speaking English to Italian clients; speaking Italian to English clients and speaking a mix of both to the Russians. They laughed, I laughed, and we all laughed together. Priceless moments.

What are some of the pros and cons of your expat work?

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Top 10 Beach Rules to Obey Around the World

As a regular beach goer, I find myself more often than not, annoyed with the throngs of tourists who claim a patch of sand as their own. Who disregard everything and everyone in their path and destory natures beauty.

With over fifteen years experience beach sitting and exploring I feel I have the right to comment on the things not to do while at the beach.

Top 10 Beach Rules to Obey Around the World

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Top 5 Beach Photos to Keep You Warm

Tired of the white, cold mess of winter? Longing for days where the sun shines and the ocean laps at your feet?
I’ve had enough of winter, of the cold, of the endless days and nights of watching snow fall. I’ve complied a short Top 5 list of beach photos that can keep you warm during the winter storm of 2012.

Top 5 Beach Photos to Keep You Warm

1. Cayo Coco – Cuba.

2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

3. Whitsundays, Australia

4. Copacabana, Brazil.

5. Sardinia, Italy

A little warmer now? Have you spent your winter days dreaming of summer? I have.

Top 7 Shirtless Italian Soccer Players

My Top 7 Favourite Italian Soccer Players is based on performance, skill and overall ability to play their respected positions. The fact that they all look great shirtless helps this list, a lot. This Top 7 is a biased report and solely in my opinion.

Having played this sport as a youngster for over fourteen years, and watching countless international matches and World Cups (sometimes forgetting that summer even existed) I believe that I have the natural ability to comment on some of the worlds best soccer players. So without further ado …

My Sardinian Life’s Top 7 Italian Soccer Players

1. GIANLUIGI BUFFON – Born 28 January 1978 in Carrara, Italy. Goalkeeper for Juventus and the Italian National Team. He was born with natural athleticism, his mother was a discus thrower, his father was a weightlifter, both of his sisters played volleyball and his uncle was a basketball player. It’s been quoted that Buffon is the best goalkeeper in the world. He’s fantastic to watch play, this natural ability to protect what’s his makes him one of the highest paid players in Europe. He’s cute to boot!

2.  FRANCESCO TOTTI – Born 27 September 1976 in Rome, Italy. Is an attacking mid-fielder for Roma. Totti holds the most caps in Roma’s history and is regarded as one of the finest players of his generation. In 2002 he debuted for the first time in his career at the World Cup and in 2006 he was part of Italy’s International team to win the World Cup, finishing the 2006 World Cup with the most assists. He runs a soccer school called “Number Ten,” which is after his lucky jersey.

3.  MARCO MATERAZZI – Born 19 August 1973 in Lecce, Italy. He plays center-back and at times defender. He’s a force to be reckoned with and his aggressive style of play has resulted in more than 60 yellow cards and 25 red cards. He is renowned as a great goal scorer for a defender and was signed in 2001 for 10 million Euro by Internationale. The only reason that Marco made this list is because I’m two degrees to him (we all know the six degrees to Kevin Bacon idea, right?) My husband once spent time with Materazzi while recovering from knee surgery in hospital. And I believe that Marco’s mother is Sardinian born, giving me yet another reason to add him to this list.

4.  FABIO CANNAVARO – Born 13 September 1973 in Naples, Italy. Italian supporters have given him the nickname “The Berlin Wall,” in reference to his strong defending skills. In 2006 Italy won the World Cup in Berlin, Germany, Fabio’s moment of joy was lifting the trophy above his head in celebration. He was later named 2006 World Player of the Year by FIFA because during the 690 minutes he played, he did not receive one yellow or red card.  He retired in July 2011 due to knee problems but still remains one of the greatest defenders of all time.

5. ANTONIO CASSANO – Born 12 July 1982 in Bari, Italy. He began playing at a young age and was scouted by A.S Bari’s youth system to begin training in Serie A. He now plays for Silvio Belusconi’s team, Milan. Cassano is known on the pitch to have a short temper, the journalists have coined the phrase “Cassanata,” referring to anything on the pitch which is incompatible with team spirit. He has sixteen caps and four goals playing on Italy’s national team, he’s a strong-willed player who began his career in 1999.



6.  ANDREA COSSU – Born 3 May 1980 in Cagliari, Italy. Andrea Cossu currently plays for Cagliari in southern Sardinia.  Cossu is the second Sardinian in history to be called up to play on the national team. He played a friendly against Cameroon in 2010. He plays mid-field and is strong and fast. Cossu made this list because he is Sardinian and I need to support the Sards.




7.  ANDREA PIRLO – Born 19 May 1979 in Flero, Italy. Currently plays mid-field for Juventus. He is regarded as the best mid-fielder in history. Pirlo has an incredible passing ability which has coined him the nickname “The Architect.” He plays with high intensity and skill, with over eighteen years in the sport it’s no wonder he’s the best at setting up goals. He was a member of the national team at 2006’s World Cup and scored the opening goal against Ghana and was later named “Man of the Match.”


I did mention at the beginning of the post, how each player represented on this list had made it here due to their preformance on the pitch as well as, looking good shirtless. Now I wouldn’t leave you wondering now would I?

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Top 11 Reasons Why Living in Sardinia Rocks

It’s been four years since I set foot on this rugged beautiful island, and I’m still in love with Sardinia. It wasn’t an easy transition, but I did it. I’m proud of the area I now call my home, and I’m proud of myself for learning two new languages.

I have complied a short Top 11 list on why I think Sardinia rocks.

  1. The sun shines on average 300 days a year!
  2. There are endless beautiful beaches on this island oasis.
  3. The food is amazing. There are no other words.
  4. Plenty of activities to choose from, year round: cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, windsurfing, surfing, nature walks, running, and so much more.
  5. Summer lasts for six, sometimes eight months a year.
  6. The people are happy and friendly.
  7. The locally grown fresh produce is the best I’ve ever tasted.
  8. Even in the winter the sun shines.
  9. The rugged, red landscape leaves the poet in you without words.
  10. Freshly caught dentice snapper is the bees knees.
  11. In a 2010 study done by International Living, states that Sardinia is one of the worlds healthiest places to live. Sardinia does boost at having the worlds highest concentration of centenarians.

Have you traveled to Sardinia? What did you think about this ancient island in the sun?

Click here for a list of annual events in Sardinia.

Top 6 Things I’ve Learned in a Year of Blogging | Part 2

Top 6 Things I’ve Learned in a Year of Blogging | Part 2

Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Original French proverb


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