La Marinedda Beach

It’s 7:00AM, I’m out of bed and at the beach just as the sun is climbing its way above the mountain tops. The water is calm, too calm, like before a storm. There are hardly any beachgoers at this time of morning, it’s perfect and Marinedda is mine, if only for a moment.

The ocean flirts her salt water wind in my direction. I breathe deep, as if in a yoga trance. In the distance lifeguards are raking the morning sand clean, their darkened chests reveal their hours worked in the hot Mediterranean sun.

A large wooden bar sits on the precipice of ocean and sun, waiting silently for her guests to come.

Salt water waves crash at my feet, calling me home, inviting me in.

La Marinedda Beach is an hours drive from Alghero and Olbia airports. It’s on the same stretch of coastline heading towards Isola Rossa.

Every August La Marinedda hosts the Frozen Open Surf Contest attracting surfers and spectators from around the globe.

The beach is enclosed on the west by large red granite cliffs named Punta Canneddi. The landscape is true Mediterranean … as the vivid greens of the juniper trees contrast the imposing red granite making La Marinedda a spectacular beach to visit.

I wave in peace to the morning I shared with Marinedda. Thank you my beautiful friend … until next time.

Where did you spend your morning?

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