Tinnari – Sardinia’s Secret Beach

A fifteen minute drive from Isola Rossa, and access to this stunning beach is by boat or foot. The 214m walk down is flanked with cork trees and offers a beautiful panorama of The Asinara Islands and Corisca.

The walk down is not for the faint of heart. It’s a rugged, often unstable path which winds its way slowly down the 214m mountain.

Tinnari is compromised of two small half-moon bays and the beach is formed from small fragments of sea shells, granite rocks and round coloured pebbles which have ebbed and flowed for eons.

The large and imposing granite peeks cast an afternoon shadow for those without protection. Tinnari is a spectacular beach to visit, it’s not often you will find yourself in what nature calls a masterpiece.

Is Tinnari on your list of Sardinian beaches to visit?

6 thoughts on “Tinnari

  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I’m going to Sardinia in a bit more than 1 months (for 20 days only:( ) and it’s a real treasure!
    Would you say that walking down to this beach is a bad idea with 5-year old?
    Thank you!

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