Sagre in Sardinia


Sagra is a rural festival held outdoors with live folk music, traditional dancing, local delicacies and games.  During the summer months Sardegna/Sardinia is full of Sagre, from the north to the south music rings out and people cheer and eat.  Each town will hold a Sagra each week in the summer months.  Streets fill with vendors selling locally handmade goods, there are animals, rides, prizes, food and wine, even Nutella…oh yes.  Even a Nutella vendor.  Seriously.
SAGRE are NOT to be missed if you are planning a vacation in Sardegna.
Some SAGRE Sardegna 2011 

Sagre del Torrone
Tonara, Nuoro (Central Sardegna)
April 25th
(Torrone is the best locally made sweet in Sardegna.  It’s made with honey and nuts.  Look for the Torrone signs from the vendors.  yum.)

Cagliari (South Sardegna)
May 1st
(A large costumed procession throughout the town, followed by food, vendors and a splendid ole time.)
Sagra di San Simplicio
Olbia (North-East, Sardegna)
May 13th – May 18th

Sagra delle Cozze
(Festival of the Mussel)
Olbia (North-East, Sardegna)
May 14th
(procession though-out town, sporting events, local live music, folk groups, vendors)
N.B. Almost every town holds a Sagra weekly, in the summer months. If you’ve already missed out on the above popular Sagre, don’t fret. Ask any one of the locals that you pass on the street or your bartender in the coffee shop.