Travel Stories

Welcome to my new Travel Stories page.

Here you will find a fabulous selection of short stories from around the globe. I’ve visited over twenty countries and have had many (mis)adventures along the way from singing Brazilians on the beach of Rio di Janeiro to getting into one of Ireland’s exclusive nightclubs and how a group of travelers opened my eyes to inspiration in Santorini, Greece.

Please enjoy and if you like it – share it!

How to overcome fear while traveling on the road – Vancouver, BC
How Virtual Tourist opened my eyes to inspiration – Santorini, Greece
The illumination of Niagara Falls, Canada
The singing Brazilian – Brazil
Lillie’s Bordello – Dublin, Ireland
A 30th beach birthday – Brazil
A bus trip down the Oodnadatta track – Central Australia
My expat lives – Cayman Islands
My all-time favourite place – Bondi Beach, Australia
The people from here – Sardinia, Italy
Chase the dart, believe in dreams – Cayman Islands
Crime & Blood | Donate – Sardinia, Italy
The tailgate party | Every fans delight – Buffalo, NY
What is one country’s culture is another’s taboo – Horse Meat – Sardinia, Italy
The case of the mysterious Canadian ensign lost and found in Sardinia
The crazy bat house of Sardinia
La Accabadora – The woman of death – Sardinia, Italy

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