Annual Events

Here are a few annual festivals and events held in Sardinia. If you are in the area they are worth checking out.

April – Second Week
Rally di Bocche di Bonifacio
For two days North Sardegna welcomes drivers from all over Europe. They race all around the mountains competing to be the fastest.

May – First Weekend
For four days Sardegna becomes a playground to Rally d’Italia Sardegna.

May 22nd
Sassari holds the most important folk festival called Cavalcata Sarda. Thousands of Sardinians flock to Sassari for this colorful event of costume, parade and thousands of horses. Also known as the Running of Horses. It’s amaze-balls. Check it out.

June – First Weekend
Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix WindSurf
Porto Liscia, Coluccia. Santa Teresa Gallura (SS)
Watch Europe’s best windsurf on the shores of Sardegna’s best beach.
This is a HOT event. Check it out.

June – Second Week
Rally di Sardegna Bike – International Mountain Bike
In one of the most spectacular settings to drift on a bike is the Ogliastra (South East coast) region of Sardegna. Cala Luna and Dorgali with stunning blue beaches, gigantic cliffs, rivers and canyons. Great place to discover.

July – First Weekend
Various Sardinian villages host a ritual horse race dedicated to San Costantino. The post popular being held in Sedilo.

July – Last Weekend. – HOT TICKET EVENT!
Nulvi, Sardegna

August 15th
Assunta – Our Lady of Assumption
There are thousands of festivals throughout Sardinia that celebrate this holiday. This holiday falls in the week the Italians call Ferragosto. It’s an Italian holiday tied in with the Catholic Church, as all holidays and festivals in Italy are. Almost every town in Sardegna will have festivities, events, parades, local sellers, vendors and local foods. Have fun. It’s the best week in the sun.

August 16th – 18th. HOT TICKET EVENT.
Trinita d’Agultu (OT)
Traditional folk dance, Traditional music, bands, street vendors, traditional Sardinian sweets and drinks. This is a brilliant time in The Gallura. It’s a must if you are in the area. (There is no link available for this festival, and there probably won’t be. That’s just how we roll in Sardegna.)

Have I missed an important festival? Feel free to contact me via my contact page above.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, thank you.

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