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New to My Sardinian Life© and not sure what to read or where to click? I’ve designed this page  with readers in mind. I know from experience, that some blogs are a nuisance to navigate around, especially once there is substantial content built up over time.

Who is the woman behind My Sardinian Life©?

Read my ABOOT page to learn more about Jennifer Avventura. My aboot page happens to be the most commented page and post on My Sardinian Life.

I’ve been the recipient of three fantastic blogging awards which made me feel all warm and fuzzy. The Versatile Blogger which I received twice, and The Liebster Award.

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Your porthole to paradise –  Sardinia, Italy.

The Mysterious Flag of Sardinia
Cost of Living 2012 | Sardinia, Italy
The Daily Groceries | Sardinia, Italy
Where in the World is Sardinia?
10 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Sardinia, Italy.
Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia.
How to Hunt for Wild Sardinian Asparagus.
Welcome to MY Sardinia.
Top 5 Beaches in the Gallura. Sardinia, Italy.
The number one best thing about living in Sardinia.
La Pelosa di Stintino. One of Sardinia’s best beaches.
How to eat a 12 lb Sardinian Snapper.
Lord of the Boars | In Sardegna.
The Sardinian Fig | Ficus Carica.
Hunting Season Sardinia.
Nuraghe Sardinia | Where Only the Strong Survive.
How to pickle a wild Sardinian mushroom.
I love you more than Italian pizza.
A Morning with Marinedda
The Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa

Expat Life

The Raw Reality of Expat Life in Small Town Sardinia
My Expat Lives | Celebrating Four Years in Sardinia, Italy
My Expat Job Struggles | Sardinia, Italy
On being an Expat in Sardinia, Italy.
Chase the Dart | Believe in Dreams
Look what I found in Oz.
Adventures Rasp.
How not to make Sardinian Seadas.
The highs and lows of the Italian stamp. An ongoing series.
Crime & Blood | Donate

My favourite places on the planet series.

Bondi Beach. Sydney, Australia.
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
Northern Territory, Australia.
Cabo Frio. Rio di Janeiro, Brazil.

Blogging Posts

Top 6 things I’ve learned in a year of blogging | Part One
Top 6 things I’ve learned in a year of blogging | Part Two
Life before the Internet | Remembering Youth
Blog surfing one peace at a time.
For the love of blogs.
My Seven Links.

I hope this is enough to get you started at My Sardinian Life©. Please feel free to comment, like and share with fellow social media users. Please note that all content mine, unless otherwise stated. Please do not steal my work. If you are interested in my writing or photographs please contact me for further information.

14 thoughts on “Start Here

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      • Jey Jennifer, I read your experience in Sardinia. I was thinking about just getting a house there. I wouldn’t have to work but what do you think about living there? Is it fun? Can I get around the Mediterranean easily? SHould I just buy a house in San Diego and stay there? LOL

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