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Snapshots: On Life at Palau, Sardinia by Jennifer Avventura

So what, I’m in love with Palau. Her picturesque, pristine panorama leaves me breathless and wanting more. I could, and I have sat in awe for hours, taking in the stunning La Maddelena and its archipelago: Isola Spargi, Isola Budelli, Isola … Continue reading

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A retired expat

It has taken me months to come to terms with this difficult decision, weeks to accept its fate and countless hours on how I would pen a letter to the island and islanders who opened their hearts and doors to … Continue reading

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Learning Italian: The verb to like

Welcome back for another installment of Learning Italian with Jennifer Avventura. This week we take a close look at the verb to like – Piacere. I hate this verb with every fiber in my being. I started to study Italian 5 … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Nothing makes me nostalgic for Canada than receiving super, duper mittens in the mail. I’ll be rooting for my home and native land with these new mittens, and putting my hands up in the air while, watching Canada kick butt … Continue reading

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Vote for My Sardinian Life in the 2013 Canadian Blog Awards

Just like the Emmy’s, Golden Globes and Music awards there are awards for bloggers who but effort, thought and heart into their blog(s). This year is the second year that My Sardinian Life has been nominated for the 2013 Canadian … Continue reading

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Don’t sell yourself short as a Freelance writer in Italy

Once upon a time (about a year ago) a Sardinian travel agency contacted me to write brief English articles to help promote their travel brand. Unfortunately, at that time I was just packing up to move to Cayman Islands and I … Continue reading

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Learning Italian: At the local doctor’s office

The last three months of 2013 were absolute hell for me, I’m glad 2014 is here and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy new year. At the beginning of October I came down with ‘colpo d’aria’ which roughly translates … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Illuminated in Sardinia

Okay, so my version of illuminated is probably the polar opposite of your illuminated with bright lights and bright skies, but let me explain: I’ve wanted to visit this little pond for six years, as from the road you can … Continue reading

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Expat Speaks: The Italian postal system

At the beginning of September I was commissioned by a book publisher from England to write a detailed 38 hotel listing for Sardinia, Italy. I was over the moon at being asked by such a global brand that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Learning Italian: The ancient Italian coffee machine and an Expat accident

It was a dark and cold morning much like every morning during winter in December. Lazily I slung my legs out of bed, wrapped la sciarpa around my neck, slipped on my furry slipper Crocs and headed to the kitchen … Continue reading

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