Learning Italian: A Delightful Passion for L’Eredità

There’s a program on TV called L’EreditàInheritance where seven players compete against each other in a number of trivia quizzes that test their knowledge on various topics. The last one standing wins the inheritance in a guillotine style final word game … that I’ve guessed correctly, just once.

There’s a gregarious host that is personable and oftentimes funny, and no Italian TV program would be without dancing girls (except … this year they have a male dancer, only took about ten years) that reveal answers to the word games.

When I first moved to Sardinia, and could only say ciao, pasta, pizza, and vino; I found the show to be a great resource for learning Italian. I could follow along and learn new words and random facts, it helped my Italian vocabulary grow. Each trivia question is displayed on the screen making it easy to follow along at home.

It’s still a great resource for me to learning this language I’ve come to love, even after ten years of tuning in.

I tune in nightly, do you?

5 thoughts on “Learning Italian: A Delightful Passion for L’Eredità

  1. Jennifer That would be wonderful if such a show was available here in the states. There is no better way to learn than by hearing the words and seeing them. Good for you that you have such a great source. I know your husband is the best one to help with the language, as is my family in Anela. Continue learning and have fun the show sounds great! May God Bless Love & Hugs Rosemarie

    • Thanks so much, Rosemarie. I’m actually watching the program right now! 😂 Being able to hear, read and play a game while learning is stimulating. After so many years, I’ve learned a lot of dialect that oftentimes I use a word in dialect instead of Italian. Oh the laughs I get. Wishing you sunshine and smiles.

  2. Hi Jennifer, if you feel like learning Italian, why don’t you join our Italian language courses. We are a small school in Alghero, so not too far away from where you are, I think.

    • Sorry I didn’t phrase that very well… if you feel like improving your Italian, join us… I’m sure that after 10 anni, you’re already really good!

      • Hello, and thank you kindly for reaching out, I’m not currently looking to enroll in any language courses, should that change in the future, I will take your offer into consideration.

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