Travel theme: Illuminated in Sardinia

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life

Okay, so my version of illuminated is probably the polar opposite of your illuminated with bright lights and bright skies, but let me explain: I’ve wanted to visit this little pond for six years, as from the road you can see an inkling of water – and yesterday my six-year dream came true. I was illuminated with excitement and giggles like a child when I found this pure white swan, I jumped up and down and sang “Duck, Duck, Goose” as I ran around the pond with my hands up in the air. Needless to say my heavily embarrassed Sard stayed in the car laughing his butt off while this lovely goose followed me around the pond honking.

You can find this pond in the quaint little town of Aggius.

This is my response to the weekly travel theme: illuminated.

14 thoughts on “Travel theme: Illuminated in Sardinia

  1. ….hmm do you really have to define it a guy grrrr >_< its really hard to determine the gender of our feathered friends at a glance. Behaviour can help though, in Italy geese our notoriously female… "che oca" and hate to say the best known species are eseeg naidanaC 😉

    • LOL 😀 what a dilemma I had to resort to google and the best reply I got was this: “The goose is a medium to large bird and makes a honking call. The duck is smaller than the goose and it’s call more of a to quack. – so was the birdy honking or quacking at you –

  2. Jennifer

    I think this beautiful swan is very illuminated and your antics are just so exciting and infectious! Keep that in you always, it is what we lose so quickly! I love it all!
    Love & Hugs,
    The Sard/American

    • 🙂 Rosemarie its a duck!! ex ugly duckling but still a duck. Actually I don’t think we have swans in Sardinian at all, I mean wild swans or endemic species. I wonder if Jennifer, who gets around more than me, could investigate on this.

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