Chemtrails in Sardinia’s Blue Crossed Sky

Several bloggers from around the world have documented their skies and questioned themselves on the same thing I find myself questioning – chemical trails or simply contrails?

I’ve photographed Sardinia’s stunning blue sky and documented my past findings here, here and here. I’m back today to show you a new discovery which made me open my eyes wide open and continue to seek answers.

The following is a lovely photograph showing you how beautiful and blue the sky in Sardinia is when the jets are not busy making tic-tac-toe boards.

Sardinia's blue sky by Jennifer Avventura 2014

And here, you will see the same view of the Bay of Asinara with one LARGE exception … the sky is filled with trails left by jets completely blanketing the sky. Underneath all that mess you can see the blue, blue natural sky trying to breathe.

Chemtrails by Jennifer Avventura 2014

These two photos were taken forty-eight hours apart and the difference is disgusting and staggering. Why do some trails dissipate after sometime, while other trails grow in size thus changing the atmosphere from a beautiful blue day to a seemingly hazy day?


A few months ago I took a nice drive to the center of Sardinia and found this graffiti:

“No chemtrails, no effect.”

Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (10)

Now, I’m not sure what the artist was trying to say. Do they believe chemtrails are real or are just a conspiracy theory? This is something only the author will know. I did, however, spot two of these graffiti while in the center of Sardinia.

I understand the contrails, and watch them dissipate from my front window. It’s those chemtrails which leave perplexed and wanting answers. I am neither a scientist nor a nephologist. I’m just a woman watching the curious sky.

Have you noticed of your sky lately?

19 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Sardinia’s Blue Crossed Sky

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  2. Hi,
    I am visiting your beautiful country right now from Australia. May I say this country is stunning yet I am appalled by the constant toxic trails. Yes, Thea are chemtrails not ice vapour contrails. Don’t listen to the uninformed or the trolls on your site trying to tell you it’s not.

    Please read this guy and follow his trails if information as I think they are the most well dicumented and well researched on the matter.

    I too googled Sardinia Chemtrails like another post below to see if people are upset at this as all day I have seen countless trails. I estimate about 2 a minute from 10am – 8pm today. We must awake to this and stand against geo engineering. Toleration is acceptance!


  3. Hi Jennifer I have just come across your blog as I put in a search for chemtrails Sardinia. I live in southern Sardinia, near Pula and have noticed exactly the same thing as you. I am often out cycling and running and have noticed lots of chemtrails lately. Today I saw the aircraft leaving the chemtrails behind and they were flying from a low altitude to a higher altitude, basically vertically upwards. I have noticed there is a massive difference between a con trail and chemtrails. When you see an aircraft going across the sky flying at about 30,000 feet the contrail it leaves is very short and dissipates rather quickly. These chemtrails are completely different and linger creating a cloudy sky afterwards. It is very concerning and it is happening in other parts of the world from the bit of research I have done on the internet!

    • Ciao Tina,

      Thanks for the information! You know, now that you’ve mentioned it, I too have seen the planes flying basically vertical in the sky. I wish the government(s) would give us more information on this. It’s obviously not just me and here in Sardinia it seems to cover the sky all too frequently.

  4. Don’t be too sure that those “quickly dissipating trails” are actually contrails. 90% of modern day jet engines are referred to as high bypass turbofan jets and they never produce contrails. They want you to believe you are seeing a contrail so you will stay outdoors and breathe it all in.

  5. Have a look at it will give you an idea of the commercial flights over Sardegna at any one time. I’ve just looked out (15.47) & to the east it’s covered in contrails from various flights from Africa & Olbia. To the west not a lot happening right now, only one flight to UK & no trails I can see. But grey cloud cover approaching from the west.

      • I’ve always thought that the contrails are/were vapour from the various components of aviation fuel being burnt off during flight. The width and duration being caused by weather conditions, atmospherics and height. I really haven’t a clue about the technicalities of it, just an assumption.

      • I’ve been a sky-watcher my whole life (which at time got me into a lot of trouble at school for daydreaming) and I don’t ever remember the trails being left in the sky say 15 years ago, nope, they would evaporate.

  6. Most of my friends believe there’s a lot that’s not being ‘told,’ but i am thankful that i live where there’s an absence of jet trails, contrails, chemtrails.. i forget about them until i’ve flown back to the usa and see the scarred skies.


  7. Amazing how things like this can be so different in changing the look of the sky! Great photography!


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