The Chemtrail Hoax Part Two

My world is incarcerated by six, five foot sliding glass doors that open out to a stunning valley filled with spectacular colours. Many mild afternoons are spent gazing out into the beautiful blue wonder I’ve called my home for three-point five years. You could say that I have somewhat of an advantage to being a sky watcher, because in Sardinia the sky is endless.

Back in July I wrote a post called The Chemtrail Hoax where I explain the differences between Chemtrails and Contrails. A little refresher? I thought so.

Chemtrails are trails left by aircraft spraying chemical or biological agents. Some believers say these chemicals could be any one of the following: barium, aluminum salts, thorium and/or silicon carbide.

Contrails or condensation trails are streaks of condensed water vapor created by the exhaust from the aircrafts engine.

I woke this past sunday morning to a beautiful clear blue sky and within a few hours that changed drastically.

Chemtrails or Contrails?

I’ve often questioned myself as to why these ‘trails‘ don’t evaporate after time, instead they grow and expand in width. The atmosphere is then changed for the better part of the day, giving off a hazy day effect. The clear blue skies are gone and we are left with these so-called ‘trails‘ which could be a Chemtrail or a Contrail.

Chemtrail or Contrail?

Who’s to know the truth? There is little information floating around cyberspace from our governments. Several bloggers from around the world have documented their skies and questioned themselves on the same thing I find myself questioning.

We all understand the laws of gravity, right? And if these are Chemical trails of any kind, then what? Is this an attempt at population control, or are they simply Contrails. And why are the governments not speaking?

* I am not a scientist or even a nephologist. I’m just a woman watching the curious sky … change.

**The above two photographs were taken on October 16th, 2011.

14 thoughts on “The Chemtrail Hoax Part Two

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  2. I just returned from a beautiful holiday in Sardinia. We noticed a strange circular rainbow ring amongst the clouds on our first da and asked our friend and guide ‘Winki’, a local surfer and author about the phenomenon. He said he would tell us on our last day and it was a bad thing. We began thinking up possible mythological answers. “did it mean the gods are peeing on us”?, “worse than that” was his reply. He told us about the chemical trial on the last day, we asked if the cloud would clear and he said no. He pointed out planes and their ever spreading, widening trails blanketing the sky. Whenever a blue patch would begin to clear, another plane would fly through. He explained the area was a military air space and this happened daily, except for the holiday month of August, when it stopped, and resumed again in September. He believed trials may be looking at controlling weather for rain generation in areas of famine in Africa. If so, why not trial it there! The artificial cloud also dropped the temperature noticeably by diffusing sunlight. To further the conspiracy, a scientist and a boat doing research disappeared at sea, and we met the lady at the boat hire who said no police or officials had been asking questions. Definitely dodgy!

    • Awesome comment, thank you! I noticed the absence of the chemtrails in August of this year, then their rapid return in September. It is definitely dodgy! Where did you visit in Sardinia?

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  4. An interesting notion, to question what is being sprayed in “community” air. I’d like to pursue this through environmental organizations. Thanks!

  5. That is a lot of trails. However, the government isn’t speaking because no one is asking. If they don’t draw attention to it, everyone will take it as normal. And really, isn’t even a contrail chemical as well, since exhaust is far more than just water vapor? That is, unless we suddenly have fuel-cell powered planes.

  6. I’ve noticed these things, too. Been taking photos for a couple years now, just started a blog tho.
    But, I’m right with ya… there is a difference, and we should be more aware of them. Although, it’s still unclear what exactly the purpose of these chemtrails are. And either way, don’t like how they make the sky hazy for days at a time.

  7. I was hoping you’d give an answer and if the answer was that it was indeed a hoax coz’ then I’d be super relieved. ahhh who knows.. we spend some months in Sardinia during the summer and its one of the most beautiful places in the world – truly! but I did notice, occasionally, these trails leaving their mark on the sky. sometimes it would dissapear, sometimes it remains and expands… If its population control, why sardinia? theres not as many people there than in mainland Italy, plus its the destination of many rich powerful people who may own several of these jets overhead – so I thought they’d spare this spot… oh well.. I try to keep healthy despite all the things unknown in our world today. prevention is still better than cure

    • Thank you for your comment. I have no idea if these are actual chemical trails or just expanding condensation trails. BUt generally the condensation trails disappear within a matter of minutes, the other so-called chemical trails stay in the sky for hours. This is not just happening in Sardegna. There have been documented cases from all over the world, Canada, America, Australia etc …

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