Inside Sardinia: La Seada Sardinia’s Traditional Sweet

Sardinia is famous for many things: the number of nuraghe that dot the island, the earthy red cannonau wine, lightning storms that hit a little too close, and of course la seada. The little town that I live in, we call it la seada, and each town throughout the island will have its own distinct name and pronunciation for this sweet must-try dessert.

It’s a fresh cheese-filled pastry that is lightly fried then drizzled with local honey, or sugar, honey is the better choice, and seems to be the most traditional way served.

I watched a seminar in a lovely little town called Lunamatrona, and I learned how to make this traditional treat. Just look at the detail and tools used to create this local pastry! Such detail and artistry.

La Seada – Lunamatrona, Sardinia, Italy. Photo by: Jennifer Avventura

Not every seada will look like the ones pictured. I was lucky enough to meet an extremely talented woman whose sole purpose is detail and deliciousness in preparing everything Sardinian. She had these wooden stamps specifically tailored to meet her needs. She made la seada pictured, mine were unworthy of photography, but I tried and had a great time.

I am humbled. Thank you, dear Sardinia.

Do you emerge yourself in the traditional food culture of a place you travel to? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Safe travels. ❤️

1 thought on “Inside Sardinia: La Seada Sardinia’s Traditional Sweet

  1. Ciao Jennifer
    I am so familiar with this delightful dessert. My cousin Francesca has made this several times when we visited her in Nouro. It is fantastic, you can try and refrain from eating one, but you lose out because they are so gloriously delicious. What a very sweet surprise. The cheese filled wonderfulu pastry with the honey and sugar sweet taste is unforgettable! Hopefully everyone has a chance to feast on this delight when in Sardegna! Amazing. Thank you for sharing a wonderful memory, I have a recipe but have not tried it. I don’t think I would be very successful at this one! Stay safe, have a beautiful week and May God Bless. Please keep these treasures of Sardegna coming. Love what you share with us so much!
    Love & Hugs,
    Rosemarie Kleinberg

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