Top 10 Beach Rules to Obey Around the World

As a regular beach goer, I find myself more often than not, annoyed with the throngs of tourists who claim a patch of sand as their own. Who disregard everything and everyone in their path and destory natures beauty.

With over fifteen years experience beach sitting and exploring I feel I have the right to comment on the things not to do while at the beach.

Top 10 Beach Rules to Obey Around the World

10.  Do not let your children run wild. The beach is a public place. You wouldn’t allow your children to pester the table beside yours while dining, or run wild in a china shop, the same goes for the beach. And no, I do not want to help your child build a sand castle, or watch them swim, or babysit them while you go bushing.

9.  Do not drink (copious) amounts of alcohol. Year after year I see 20-somethings spill onto the hot sands of Sardinia, beer case (or two) in hand and begin a ten person rave. Under the hot burning sun, I sit and witness these young kids drink themselves into oblivion. Sun and alcohol do not mix.

8.  Do not play your music at rave level. I’m not interested in hearing Celine Dion belting out her classics, nor do I care about Snoop Dogs dirty ways. Have respect for those around you, play your music at a level only you can hear.

7.  Do not play sports at stadium level. No screaming, yelling, or overly rowdy play. It’s fine to play sports on the beach, but leave the loud grunting, groaning and whistling for the stadium. It’s a beach, it’s relax time.

6.  Do not litter. It’s sad that I even have to mention this, but there are many tourists who leave their trash behind on the stunning, white sandy beaches. Take it with you, most beaches provide recycling depots and large garbage bins. Use them, use your head. That means you Mr. My-dog-pooped-and-I-put-it-in-a-plastic-bag-then-threw-the bag-in-the-beautiful-Sardinian-bush.

5.  Do not cast your fishing line if there are more people swimming in the water than fish. This one is just annoying. You’re out swimming in the natural beauty of the tranquil waters then BAM, hook, line and sinker.

4.  Do not park yourselves in front of others, while the rest of the beach remains empty. If there is space on the sprawling beach, use it.

3.  Do not walk, run or jump within 20 feet of other beach goers. No thank you, I do not want a sand filled sandwich, but if you continue I may have to give you a knuckle sandwich.

2.  Do not take secret photos of women topless. This is utterly rude and in bad taste. I know who you are Mr. Britain, I saw you with your camera behind your back as you gazed out into the beautiful blue yonder. I’m not sure which you will like more, my middle finger in your photo or my bouncing B’s.

1.  Do not have sex on the beach, unless you are ordering a shot in the nightclub. Seriously beach goer’s, I see you under your leopard print sarong, and the strategically placed umbrella does nothing to hide your dancing shadows. The things I’ve witnessed on the beaches of Sardinia is enough to make the animal kingdom go wild! Keep it in your pants, or go hide in the bush, just don’t do it in full public view.

What annoys you at the beach?

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Beach Rules to Obey Around the World

  1. Wow, I go to the beach here in Australia several times a year but I’ve rarely had any of these problems. I can see that in your part of the world you have a far greater population on good beach days; the beaches I go to in southern New South Wales are often only sprinkled with people or even empty. I imagine, where you live in Sardinia, you try to find a quiet spot off to the side when the weather tempts you to the sea.

  2. #2 is more than just bad taste — it is an act of sexual aggression. Attempt this only if you want to see MY aggression — and the police.

    • You’re right, and it did happen. I was alone at the time, my husband had gone for a long swim. I couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss, even though it was annoying. Should it happen to me again, my fist will be in their face!

  3. How about black socks with sandles or speedos tucked under big beer bellies? 😉 That is poor fashion sense that nobody wants to see.
    Seriously though I hate it when on beach holiday and going to get a beach chair to find all the spots taken… and many just claimed with towels and magazines only to find out the people are not at the beach, but at breakfast/lunch, the pool or elsewhere! We end up wasting time looking for chairs to only dicover it is ‘taken’. They end up holiding the spot all day and barely use it! Early bird gets the worm should not apply if you are not going to use the spot and spaces are so limited… that is just rude.
    I agree with your list… people just don’t think about others.

  4. You know when you said that people don’t let their children run wild in restaurants—not true. Also, at least pretend you’re watching your young children in the water. I don’t want to have to be worredly scanning the beach for the adult responsible for the little kid who’s going out too far. Oh, there you are, engrossed in your conversation or your book.

    • So, true. I have also seen the parent too engrossed in a book, none the wise to the ongoings of their children. I’ve worked as a waitress for 22 years, all over the world and have seen first hand children running wild in a restaurant while Mom and Dad sip martini’s.

  5. Don’t F*****g smoke, unless you HAVE to… I’m going to the beach to enjoy the sun, the water and the breeze, not your cigarettes. It’s the third cigarette you’re going to light up, and yet you smoke none. What’s the point of having a burning cigarette in your hand if you don’t want to smoke it? ah, sure… the pleasure to hide the cigarette filter in the sand! wow, I’m eager to find your hidden treasure, seriously I’m looking forward to it! I can even smell the old filters through the sun towel, mmm, so sweet!

    • You’re right! I totally forgot about the smokers on the beach and leaving their butts behind. Some places in Sardinia give tourists a little plastic ashtray to bring to the beach.

  6. LOL…I grew up in Southern California. I think this upbringing helped with my beach etiquette. We would go to the beach every week throughout most of the year. I loved rule number 1. Can’t say I’ve ever witnessed this myself, but I’m not surprised.

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