VIDEO – Eating the Head of a 12LB Sardinian Snapper

I few months ago I wrote a post titled: How to Eat a 12lb Sardinian Snapper. Today, I have added the video. Watch one of my Sardinian friends dig into this massive head.

Do you have the courage?

5 thoughts on “VIDEO – Eating the Head of a 12LB Sardinian Snapper

  1. My Dad used to go deep sea fishing every weekend when I was young and we would have these feasts after they came in from the sea. It was just like this, but without the Italian being spoken…..wonderful!

    • Oh, it was wonderful, and tasty. The guys in this video are speaking dialect, not Italian. Whenever there is a get together with our friends 99.9% is in dialect, unless they are speaking directly to me. 😉

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