Freedom for Women Who Haven’t the Voice

Speaking with a local Sardinian woman the other day, who happens to follow my blog, she asked me why I wrote an article on Rossella Urru and why it’s important to me.

Free Rossella. Rossella Urru is 29 years old and is a volunteer. She was abducted in Algeria on 22 OCtober 2011.

At the time I couldn’t find the right words to convey my thoughts on this urgent matter. It has taken me over twenty-four hours to get my thoughts straight, and here is my answer:

  • First and foremost, as a woman, I found it important to spread the message of Rossella Urru’s disappearance with the world. The Italian media were silent for far too long.
  • We women need to support each other, we need to hold each other up in times of struggle and we need educate the world when politicians are silent.
  • Rossella Urru may not be a child, but she is someones child.
  • It took 117 days for the Italian media to report on Rossella’s abduction. The broadcast came from the popular Sanremo (an Italian song festival). The stunning Geppi Cucciari, who is also from Sardinia, reported on Rossella’s abduction.
  • When I was a 16-year-old girl, in highschool, all innocence was stolen from me and my city. When young schoolgirls were abducted, tortured and later murdered. I imagine many of you do not know the names Kristen French or Leslie Mahaffy. Kristen French went to the Catholic school and I attended the public school. Both schools are side by side. Kristen French was abducted in a church parking lot on her way home from school. The same church parking lot I passed, almost daily to visit a school friend. These abductions, tortures and murders in my city, changed me. It gave me a voice for the women who cannot speak, for the women who endure nights of silence and beatings, I am your voice. Hear me roar!
  • There seems to be an alarming rate of missing women worldwide. Does anyone else see this? Realize this?
  • As of today, Rossella Urru has been at the hands of terrorists for 144 Days, 9 hours and 27 minutes.

We are all Rossella Urru’s and Kristen French’s. We are all women who are still struggling to survive in this manly world.

We are all freedom, unless that freedom has been stolen from us.

It’s time to stop this madness, it’s time to bring ALL the children home, safe, back in their mothers arms.

Freedom for Rossella Urru.

Freedom for the thousands of women, who do not have a voice.

12 thoughts on “Freedom for Women Who Haven’t the Voice

  1. Sadly many prefer ‘not to get involved’, the reality is this affects everyone of us in some way either directly or indirectly. It affects how we live and how we interact with those around us. Thank you for expressing and sharing your thoughts.

  2. This is truly a great post Jennifer. Too often we let slide these atrocities to the human spirit and flesh. Thank you for highlighting it.

  3. This is a powerful story Jennifer and well written. I remember only too well the fear I had when the two young girls were abducted and murdered. As a mother of a daughter the same age as Kristen and Leslie I guarded every moment of my daughter’s days, more than she ever realized. I was more than willing to drive her everywhere rather than having her walk.
    Keep up the good work and the great words.

  4. Violence against women should always be reported. When I was in Junior High, one of the girls was abducted, tortured, and murdered. It happens more than people want to acknowledge. Ignoring the issues perpetuates the issues.

  5. I’ll join in this chorus with gusto. “Freedom for Rossella Urru.
    Freedom for the thousands of women, who do not have a voice.”
    And you are right it’s so disturbing that the plight of women like Rossella all over the world is ignored. We have many missing women in Canada and many are aboriginal women. Some were the victims of a mass murder. Others are still missing. According to a Canadian government statistics, young Indigenous women are five times more likely than other women of the same age to die as the result of violence.

  6. Thank you for bringing forward such an important issue. I vividly remember the abductions and murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. The evil that are Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo forever changed the lives of girls, teens and women who live or have lived in Ontario. No one can forget their story.
    Thank you for having the courage for bringing a voice to a woman who sounds like she desperately needs to be heard.

  7. Very well written Jennifer. I remember all to well the abduction and horrific murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy. These events are forever seared into the memories of all Ontarians and Canadians. While this case was heavily publicized, many I’m sure are not. Thank you for bringing to the forefront the plight of others.

  8. Freedom for Rossella Urru.
    Freedom for the thousands of women, who do not have a voice.

    I agree with you dear Jennifer. Thanks and Love, nia

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