Endless Skies | Sardinia, Italy

Endless Skies

Does this picture capture The Rules of Thirds? My focus was the two puff’s of cloud set against the stunning Mediterranean blue sky. How’s my horizon line?

8 thoughts on “Endless Skies | Sardinia, Italy

      • Depends on where you are. Around here, they are.. sand colour. Desert and all. There are mines in the mountains that give you different colours too of rock. Then as you head out to the coast, they get very big stoney and green with MASSIVE trees and they are really tall. As you head south, they are more hill-like, rounded, and lush green with various trees.

        China. Strange place. LOTS of different climates.

        Oh! and then you head west of here, they are tall, green and stone!!!

  1. Jennifer, I totally love your pictue of Sardinia, I was thinking: do you mind to make some pics of our sunset? Apparently what I give for granted is an astonishing spectacle for everyone not in our island!

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