Video: Mamuthones at Tappas in Mamujada

A short video of the Mamuthones from Mamoiada at the Tappas in Mamujada. My video taking skills aren’t the best and I wasn’t in the best place to capture the Issohadores. Here’s a little sneak peek into the mysterious Mamuthones.

Have you seen the ritual dance from the Mamuthones?

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Mystical Mamuthones from Mamoiada

VIDEO – The Kiss | I Candelieri 2012

Sassari – The kiss between two guilds. The Carpenters (Gremio dei Falegnami) and The Peasants (Gremio dei Contadini.)

You can read my full article on this great event here: The Descent of the Candle Bearers | I Candelieri 2012

Have you seen Sardinia’s 2nd largest festival?

VIDEO – 1st Memorial Francesco Lepori Bike Race | Sardinia, Italy

1st Memorial ‘Francesco Lepori’ Bike Race on the streets of North-West Sardinia!

I can hear the crowds cheering ‘Forza, Dai!’ It’s a beautiful day for a bike race.

This video was shot on their first way around the 15km route. They must complete this route five times to be announced the winner, 75km! Yikes!

Forza Ragazzi!

Sardinia – A Land Left Outside of Time and History

Sardinia – A Land Left Outside of Time and History

Will you visit Sardinia?

Let Your Emotions Fly | Sardinia, Italy

Sometimes in life we need to take a moment, a moment to reflect, a moment to breathe and a moment to feel alive. As most of you know, I love Sardinia. Never in my life have I seen such natural beauty, such diverse land and spectacular coasts.

I’d like to share this video with you, on a Sardinia rarely seen. This IS a must see.

Let your emotions fly, above Sardinia sky.

For more information visit their Facebook page: Pedhuris – Escursioni aeree sulla Sardegna. Sardinia Flight Excursions.

*this is not a paid advertisement. Sometimes in life things give you goosebumps, I want to share those things, and those goosebumps. Passing good vibes your way.

How do you feel after watching the video?

VIDEO – Eating the Head of a 12LB Sardinian Snapper

I few months ago I wrote a post titled: How to Eat a 12lb Sardinian Snapper. Today, I have added the video. Watch one of my Sardinian friends dig into this massive head.

Do you have the courage?

Video – My Sardinian Mom the Artista

My Sardinian Mom is my husbands second cousin, her passion is paint and colour. Her house is a museum of beautiful colourful paintings, each one over the years hung on every wall space available.

She paints landscapes, women and children, fruit and vegetables. She paints on glass, canvas, leather and cotton. Her art is fantastic and truly Sardinian.

Her name is Maria Caterina Satta. She is an extremely humble person who has painted for over sixty years. In the last two years she has finally opened her art for the world to see.

Art critic Andrea Diprè and his team flew to Sardinia late last year to film a fifteen minute segment for his popular show on Italian TV.

Check it out for yourself.

The YouTube clip is in Italian. But you get to see her art!

What do you think?

Video – Carnival Tempio Pausania 2011

Carnival Tempio Pausania 2011. Parade for the kids, this is judging time and dance time!

Stating the Oblivious | How I found YouTube

Early morning runs have given way to cold, wintry mornings in; computer side. With my eight year old crocs keeping my elevens warm and toasty, I forget about the six kay and settle deeply into the wonders of the net.

I skim along the morning headlines and click a YouTube link, probably from one of the major social networks circling the many circles. I watch the cute, quirky, kind of annoying video of whatever and notice, in the upper right hand corner my social Gravatar, I click it in wonder. What’s behind that door?


So, I did it! Five times!

Watch the snow fall on Sardinia. Feb. 6th, 2012
Watch snow falling on Sardinia from a mountain top
Watch animals you meet on the roads of Sardinia
Watch 3 Sards and 1 Canadian
Watch a beautiful beach of Sardinia, on a windy day

What do you think?

Video – Snowy Sardinia | Feb 6th, 2012

Greetings from snowy Sardinia. The white fluff keeps falling closing schools, buses and offices. Farmers are left in frustration as their crops are frozen, giving rise to a price hike in fresh produce.