Video – Animals you encounter on the roads of Sardinia

You never know what to expect on a drive, in the mountains of Sardinia.

Video – Li Feruli Beach | Sardinia, Italy

Enough with the snow already! Here’s a little video of our favourite beach, Li Feruli. I hope this video brings some warmth to the rather cold winter days we’ve had.

Video – 3 Sards and 1 Canadian

3 Sards and 1 Canadian take a walk into the mountains. I would have never guessed that my Sardinian friends would be afraid of … cows! Two of my Sardinian friends climbed a tree, I hopped a fence with another Sard only to realize after that the field we were in was housing a bull!

Video – Sardinia Covered in Snow

Sardinia covered in snow! Sardegna sotto la neve.

Day three and we are still covered in snow!