Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

In no particular order of importance, as each town, beach and island, is a spectacular assault on the senses. All ten areas will leave you breathless and in awe.

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

  1. Dorgali – with its Giants’ grave, the beach of Cala Gonone, Nuraghic villages, grottos and caves, this area is yours to discover.
  2. Grotta di Nettuno – is a spectacular cave just outside of Alghero. Discovered in the 18th century by fishermen, it has since turned into a tourist mecca. Guided tours are provided in Italian and English.
  3. Stintino – famous for La Pelosa Beach is just one of Sardinia’s gems. Stintino is a coastal community filled with culture and history. From here you can catch a boat to the next item on the list.
  4. Isola Asinara – is one of Sardinia’s National Parks. In English, this island is suitably called ‘donkey island,’ for its white albino donkeys that inhabit the island. During the First World War, the island saw its first maximum security prison and for 110 years the only human inhabitants were the prisoners and wardens. The prison closed in 1997 and all construction is banned on the island.
  5. Castlesardo – or Casteddu in dialect is a stunning town centred around Doria Castle which was built in 1102. There are traditional shops which line the cobblestoned streets and plenty of fantastic traditional Sardinian restaurants to choose from. Castlesardo is a lively town during the summer months, filled with festivals, sagre and concerts.
  6. Isola Rossa – owes its name to the deep pink to red granite islet that lies in front of the harbour. There are two beautiful beaches: Spiagga Longa and Marinedda. Both beaches are fitted for the tourist in mind. Plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants and warm Mediterranean sand to keep the traveller relaxed for days … months.
  7. Santa Teresa di Gallura – on the Northern tip of the island you will find crystal clear, shallow, warm waters, plenty of shops and restaurants, the popular Rena Bianca beach, summer festivals and concerts.
  8. La Maddalena – is just 2km offshore from the northeastern shore of Sardinia. La Maddalena renowned for its beaches, rocky granite terrain and ancient forts. The only way to travel to La Maddalena is by ferry leaving from Palau, Sardinia.
  9. Costa Smeralda – The Emerald Coast is a rich man’s gold mine. Celebrity yachts line the harbour, private helicopter services, exclusive golf clubs, dance bars and ancient giants tombs. Costa Smeralda is where the rich rub elbows.
  10. Isola Tavolara – is a small island off the northeastern coast. The highest point on the island is 565 meters above sea level. At each end of the island, you will find beaches and coves, the perfect place to set off on a scuba diving excursion. There is one restaurant on the island and only a handful of families.

Has this Top 10 satisfied your hunger for Sardinia?

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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

  1. Hi Jennifer: Myself and 3 other people are traveling for 5 days in the north of Sardinia Sept 20 to 26, is this top ten doable in those days? Thanks

    • Hello. With a car it is “doable,” however you may be rushed. Sardinia has lots of curvy mountainous roads, where I drive like a turtle. Lol. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

      • Thanks for the reply. We do have a car and I look forward to the driving that Sardinia will offer and most of all the sites. Thanks


  2. Hi. We are slowly building a home in Chiaramonti which is a small town in the middle of all these wonderful places. Our thoughts are that Le Pelosa beach is one of the most beautiful (water like the Carribean) but it does get very busy at high season. The old town of Alghero and the harbour is my favourite “built up” area. We are driving down to Sardinia end of May for 3 weeks and we can’t wait.

  3. Hello Jennifer. Congrats for your blog, it´s very nice.
    I will be there in Sardinia in June for 9 days. I would like to know which is the better choice to stay 5 days in Palau and 4 days Alghero or Stintino or another combination? What´s about to stay 1 or 2 nights in Isola Maddalena?
    I know that it´s imposible to follow your top 10 list in 9 days. Which are the “MUST SEE”s?
    Sorry my english and congrats again.


    • Hello Newton,

      Which airport will you arrive at in Sardinia? Stintino is a stunning area as is Alghero. I haven’t spent time at Palau but have seen La Maddalena and it’s breathtaking. The drive from Palau to Alghero is about 2 hours, not too bad when you’re on vacation. Your itinerary is do-able. Enjoy. Have fun and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. Salute.

  4. Sardinia is great. Unspoilt country side, fine beaches and beautiful uncrowded spaces. I’ve seen many of the nuraghe and other extraordinary things you only find in Sardinia. One day I would love to visit the ancient settlement of Tiscali.

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  7. Ahhh!!!We were in Stintino only a few weeks ago,spent 10 days there and also Alghero and Castelsardo (this place is magical especially at night!)……and now I am back in suburbia!

  8. I’m sitting indoors in Milan, dreaming about returning to Sardegna for a nice vacation! I’ve been to a few of these places (Stintino, Dorgali and Grotta di Nettuno) but I’ll have to add a few of the others to my list of things to see the next time I get back there. Ciao!

  9. Sardinia, is beautiful, we go to the south west part of the island, and pistis beach is the closest one to us, love the place, spend most of our time there when we get to Sardinia.

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  12. Love this post, Jennifer! Now I want to come to Sardinia…

    …by the way, I am happy to announce that you have been picked as a winner of The Versatile Blog Award.


    • Thank you Annette. I checked the link you have provided for more information regarding The Versatile Blog Award, and I don’t see anything written on this blog about the award. Do you have the correct link?

  13. You changed your header picture!!! I love it!!! It does look stunning with those colours!!!

    And I’d like to visit places one through ten please!!!!

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