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Snapshots: The Bell Tower at Castelsardo, Sardinia

The bell tower at Castelsardo in Sardinia’s northwest is one of the most photographed monuments from this pre-Nuragic, quaint town by the sea. From every angle, far and wide, the cathedral’s bell tower looms in the background of every photo. Grand … Continue reading

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Inside Sardinia: Nuraghe Santa Sabina

Around every corner lies a medieval surprise and when we passed Nuraghe Santa Sabina we just had to stop and admire the ancient architecture and beauty. Unfortunately, we were there in the off-season and the office was closed but that didn’t … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Buongiorno from Birori, Sardinia

Nuraghe Miuddu, Birori, Sardegna Good morning from the heart of Sardinia. This is my response to the weekly photo challenge: good morning  

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Cascata Triulintas, Martis, Sardinia

It’s easy to find this 15 meter waterfall in the municipality of Martis, Sardinia, Italy.  Lucky for us there were plenty of signs posted along the side of the roads indicating: Cascata Triulintas. After driving down a long, dirt road you will come … Continue reading

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Pozzo Sacro di Predio Canopoli, Perfugas, Sardinia

The sacred well of Predio Canopoli in the historical town center of Perfugas dates back to the Nuragic civilization that dominated the island of Sardinia from the Bronze Age (18th century BC) to the 2nd century AD. The sacred well is part of … Continue reading

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Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

Twenty-five kilometers east of Sassari, in the sprawling center of the Anglona region, lays the stunning small town of Martis. It is here you will find the magnificent Petrified Forest of Carrucana – Foresta fossile di Carrucana. What is a … Continue reading

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Medieval Sardinia: Castello dei Doria, Chiaramonti, Sassari

There is very little information on the history of Castello dei Doria, but what remains clear is: this magnificent castle perched on the hill of St. Matthew in the province of Sassari, Sardinia is a stunning piece of medieval history … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Sardinia – Monte d’Accoddi

Sardinia is one of the most geologically ancient bodies of land in Europe and in the picturesque province of Sassari lays the prehistoric, megalithic, ziggurat of Monte d’Accoddi.   The largest and only one in Europe. This megalithic structure dates back to 4000 … Continue reading

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Elephant rock

Originally posted on Bagni di Lucca and Beyond:
There are some incredible rock formations in glorious Sardinia, and this one beside the road near Castelsardo is no exception. The Sardinian countryside is spectacular, even on a dull day. Elephant rock…

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Complete Event Guide to Summer in Sardinia 2013

Here it is folks – the who, what, where and when of summer 2013 in Sardinia, Italy. Concerts, culture, food festivals, jazz festivals, cinema and much, much more! For the first time in five and a half years, I have seen … Continue reading

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