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The setting sun on winter solstice 2013 – Sardinia, Italy

The winter solstice setting sun 21/12/2013. It’s official winter has arrived and depending on where you live the weather will be dramatically different from heavy snow falls to a beautiful bright sun. The first day of winter in Sardinia felt like … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand Masks from Sardinia

This is a stunning monument at Ottana, Sardinia. The mask on the left represents the typical mask worn at carnival from the rural mountain town of Ottana.  Boes e Merdules represent an ox and his master. Wild pear wood is used … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Symbol from Sardinia

Sardinia has a beautiful overabundance of symbols dotted throughout the island. There remains very little written data on the history of symbolism in Sardinia; I couldn’t find any information on this symbol, anywhere on the internet! So, I sent the photo … Continue reading

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Mystical Mamuthones from Mamoiada

The mystical Mamuthones from Mamoiada have always stirred my soul and made me question the origin of their existence. I have attended festivals in Sassari and Olbia where the Mamuthones preformed before the inquisitive public, but I had never witnessed … Continue reading

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An Infinite Deep Look at Traditional Costumes from Tonara, Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy is a magical island filled with mysterious charm that is proud to show an infinite detail to each costume representing each town on the island. The island women have for centuries hand stitched their stunning traditional garb to … Continue reading

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Complete Event Guide to Summer in Sardinia 2013

Here it is folks – the who, what, where and when of summer 2013 in Sardinia, Italy. Concerts, culture, food festivals, jazz festivals, cinema and much, much more! For the first time in five and a half years, I have seen … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Spooky Sardinia

“I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real, that’s the spooky part.” – Tom Clancy A Sardinian autumn sky casts clouds of winter doubt. Other spooky articles: La Accabadora – The Woman of Death | Sardinian Folklore The … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Flag of Sardinia

I have a fascination with flags. This is not because I am Canadian and wear my flag with pride on my backpack, hat, t-shirt, underwear and socks but I find them truly and utterly beautiful. They flap effortlessly in the wind and … Continue reading

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La Accabadora – The Woman of Death | Sardinian Folklore

La Accabadora – The Woman of Death La Accabadora is a middle-aged woman dressed in black with a long shawl covering her head. Her job, as appointed by the community, was to apply euthanasia to the old and infirm using … Continue reading

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Spring in The Gallura | Preserving Ancient Wedding Traditions

A Traditional Spring Wedding This past weekend I was invited to an ancient Sardinian wedding tradition held high up in the hills of Fiminaltu. Actors recreate one of the oldest wedding traditions to date with ox-drawn carts and a 90-minute procession … Continue reading

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