The Mysterious Flag of Sardinia

This is not even all of them, I have about 15 collecting dust in my dresser drawer.

I have a fascination with flags. This is not because I am Canadian and wear my flag with pride on my backpack, hat, t-shirt, underwear and socks but I find them truly and utterly beautiful. They flap effortlessly in the wind and they represent their country with amazing pride.

When I first moved to Sardinia 4.5 years ago and noticed the flag of Sardinia floating angelic like against the blue sky, I was shocked. Why shocked? Well, because of the four heads blindfolded. I silently pondered the meaning behind this odd flag and vowed to find out more.

I asked my husband what the flag represents and he told me some fable about four Africans taken into the mountains and shot. This can’t be true. I allowed my Italian language skills to improve over the years and asked the same questions to the same people, no one seemed to know what the flag stands for. I can understand the confusion of the locals as the flag over the years has changed without notice and without explanation adding only increased mystery and confusion.

Over the centuries the 4 Moors have changed at times they are looking left, other times right, sometimes blindfolded other times wearing headbands, eyes open, eyes closed, bareheaded and sometimes with a crown.

I was perplexed and curious. I would get to the bottom of this mystery.

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La Accabadora – The Woman of Death | Sardinian Folklore

La Accabadora – The Woman of Death

La Accabadora is a middle-aged woman dressed in black with a long shawl covering her head. Her job, as appointed by the community, was to apply euthanasia to the old and infirm using a cudgel (a short thick stick used as a weapon).

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Last Nights Sun | A Chemical Trail

Last nights sun was full of radiant colour. The skies are finally clear enough to watch the burning ball of flame set behind the Asinara Islands.

Pretty beautiful, eh?

Now, how about we address that white, long, fluffy line at the top of the picture.

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