How to make a Bamboo Ladder | DIY

I’ve never been good at designing things or working with my hands, despite the fact that I enjoy working with my hands. However, generally the outcome is not what I had imagined at the beginning. So, maybe you can imagine my joy when I finally put my latest idea to the test.

Bamboo is a wonderful, quick-growing, giant, versatile plant that grows in abundance in Sardinia. One year ago Hub was heading into the mountains with a friend. I asked him to collect me some wild, Sardinian bamboo. He came back with half a truck load.

My mind raced for as long as a year. Like a rat on its wheel, forever spinning, around and around. What am I going to do with this bamboo? Oh, the grand ideas I came up with, all which were stalled within the first few seconds of thought as I had DIY fear.

Math, measuring and putting it all together with my hands and head seemed overwhelming. Could I really, do it? After a hard, cold winter in the Mediterranean the sun finally shone its heat upon the frigid land. Now was the time, I just had to do it. I had to do it myself!

DIY Bamboo Ladder for Living Room or Bedroom

  1. Find your bamboo. Most hardware stores sell bamboo pre-cut, measured and cleaned (then your job is a little easier at making this ladder). If you live in an area where bamboo grows wildly, then head on out and cut your own stocks.
  2. Organize bamboo. Put the longest with the longest, fattest with the fattest … etc.
  3. Decide height of ladder. I did have the measuring tape out during this process, I knew I wanted the ladder at eye level, so I grabbed the tallest two stalks then cut them to size.
  4. Use fattest stalks as the sides of your ladder, smaller stalks as the step of the ladder.
  5. Clean bamboo stalks. Remove all excess skin from the bamboo stalks.
  6. Lightly sand bamboo stalks to remove excess dirt and to bring out the natural beauty of the bamboo.
  7. Arrange bamboo stalks to your liking in a pattern on the ladder.
  8. Lightly glue all connecting pieces of bamboo together. Allow to dry.
  9. Wrap twine or cord tightly around the connecting pieces of bamboo. Starting one corner at bottom of ladder, then opposite side at top of ladder. Work your way around the ladder.
  10. Voila! Enjoy.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of my bamboo ladder. Something I thought impossible, I made possible, with a little patience.

This little project took me a day and a half to complete, plus an entire year of deciding what to do with the bamboo in my garage! Now that I’ve completed one, the desire to make more is burning. Shall I?

I left the twine a little long on the ends, with use it may come loose and longer ends makes it easier to re-tie.

Are you good working with your hands? What have you made lately?

If I can make a bamboo ladder, so can you!

What do you think of my DIY Bamboo Ladder?

24 thoughts on “How to make a Bamboo Ladder | DIY

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  2. Thank you. I have given up buying the bamboo ladder I want so you have given me hope I can make my own. Fun stuff.

  3. Hello, Lisa! I live in Sardinia, too. Glad to know you are here, too! I was surfing the net, searching for things to do with reeds when I found your blog, which is quite interesting. However, the reed you made that cute ladder with is not bamboo, but Arundo Donax, a reed native to the Mediterranean. It has several names in English and Spanish reed is one of them..Bamboo is much bigger and sturdier and native to Asia.
    In Sardinia, they have used reeds to make Launeddas – from which bagpipes seem to have originated- since remote times. My father used them to make windscreens in the garden. If you want to plant them fro decoration, lay a reed on the ground and simply water it: each node will sprout as a new plant. Well, I’ve written enough. Enjoy your stay in Sardinia. I have lived in the States as well, but now I wouldn’t live the island for nothing. The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear water where I swim in summer make living worthwhile! Ciao x now!

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  5. First of all, that is not bamboo. It is arundo donax (giant reed). Secondly, your spelling is bad. It should be ‘lightning”, not “lightening”. And that’s not a very good ladder or towel rack. Very amateurish.

    • Ciao Lisa,

      Thank you for your kind and articulate words. I truly appreciate you taking the time to point out my amateurish ways on my spelling and the making of the bamboo ladder. Should I ever, in the future require an experts opinion on bamboo or spelling I know who to contact. I would like add that it is 100% bamboo from the mountains of Sardinia. Have you been to Sardinia and seen the wild bamboo grow?

    • Lisa who could have treated you so badly in your life that you would post such an awful comment. Blowing out someone else’s candle will never make yours burn brighter. You were very rude here and I think you should apologize to Jennifer.

  6. We also have a ton of bamboo in China… if I can get some maybe I’ll try this.
    They eat bamboo in China too — but they eat the shoots when it is soft, not once it is dried. When dried they also use it for building and scaoffolding.

  7. Eat the bamboo!!!

    It’s strange, whenever I hear “bamboo” I think of this one dish and my belly growls in hunger.

    Your bamboo clothes line is lovely!!!! You’ve given me a grand idea for the bamboo on the porch!!! A new clothes line! It has always surprised me how strong this grass is.

      • LOL!!! In food!!! It’s a grass and therefore a vegetable! We put it in stirfry, hot pot, soups and so much more!!! I love baby bamboo chopped up into slivers about the size of my baby finger with either shrimp or chicken, chilies and a mushroom sauce.

        OH! When I make pasta, I also put some pickled bamboo ontop as a garnish.

        It’s DELICIOUS!!!

        But your bamboo looks a little different from ours here.

  8. Bamboo? In Sardinia?

    Bamboo is a plant that grows out of control in Sydney if you let it out of its pot. It sneakily sends out tough underground suckers that emerge to sprout as spikes, then as towering clumps of stuff impossible to eradicate..

    The more of it turned into ladders the better!

    • I’m surprised that so many people are surprised by bamboo in Sardinia. But we have it, you can see a bunch of it in the first photo. It’s really grows plenty here. Oh, I miss Sydney. I truly hope to make it back one day, I’ve a soft spot for Australia.

  9. I had no idea that there was bamboo on Sardinia. To me it is an Asian plant.
    I have been busy this week hand embroidering white linen curtains for our new house in Vergemoli.

  10. I love this. So simple and beautiful. Congrats on the result, you can definitely be proud of yourself!

    You make me want to do something similar… 😉

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