Freedom For Rossella Urru | Update


Rossella Urru

There is much speculation on the release of Rossella Urru. Was Twitter a flurry with only a rumour yesterday afternoon? I hope not. It’s time to bring this beautiful young woman home.

Four months held hostage in Algeria. Four months of uncertainty. Freedom for Rossella Urru!

UPDATE – The family of Rossella Urru have not yet confirmed her release.

Videolinea reports (Sardinia’s news channel) – Rossella’s release is still not officially confirmed. 8:02pm (Rome).

UPDATE – March 4th – Reality doesn’t run as fast as one ‘tweet.’

There lies much mystery surrounding the release of Rossella Urru. Her family has NOT confirmed her release.

Twitter went a buzz yesterday afternoon with news that maybe Rossella was free. That rumour seems to be just that, a rumour.


Let us not forget. Bring all the lost and stolen children home.

Blessed be.

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