A Birthday in the Hands of Terrorists | Rossella Urru

Freedom for Rossella Urru

Today marks 152 Days without your freedom.

Today you will spend your 30th birthday in captivity, in the hands of terrorists, in the eyes of uncertainty.

My hope for you Rossella is that you find a moment of peace, within yourself, to gather the courage to keep fighting this lengthy fight.

Your family, friends and strangers from around the world salute you.

I ask all my followers to please share this message of freedom.

Raise your glass for the women and men who have come before us, raise your glass to the women and men fighting the good fight in the hands of terrorists.

Buon Compleanno beautiful woman. My thoughts and wishes sail across the ocean and into your heart. 

International Women’s Day 2012

It’s been one hundred and three years since the first International Women’s Day was observed in the United States. Today around the world men and women will join hands in solidarity, peace and equality.

As of today, Rossella Urru has been held hostage in Algeria for 138 days, 8 hours, and 41 minutes.


Rossella Urru

When you reflect on the women in your life today, please take a moment to say a prayer for those women, in 2012, who have had their freedom so brutally taken.

138 days held hostage in Algeria. 138 days of uncertainty. Freedom for Rossella Urru!

Blessed be.

Freedom For Rossella Urru | Update


Rossella Urru

There is much speculation on the release of Rossella Urru. Was Twitter a flurry with only a rumour yesterday afternoon? I hope not. It’s time to bring this beautiful young woman home.

Four months held hostage in Algeria. Four months of uncertainty. Freedom for Rossella Urru!

UPDATE – The family of Rossella Urru have not yet confirmed her release.

Videolinea reports (Sardinia’s news channel) – Rossella’s release is still not officially confirmed. 8:02pm (Rome).

UPDATE – March 4th – Reality doesn’t run as fast as one ‘tweet.’

There lies much mystery surrounding the release of Rossella Urru. Her family has NOT confirmed her release.

Twitter went a buzz yesterday afternoon with news that maybe Rossella was free. That rumour seems to be just that, a rumour.


Let us not forget. Bring all the lost and stolen children home.

Blessed be.