A Birthday in the Hands of Terrorists | Rossella Urru

Freedom for Rossella Urru

Today marks 152 Days without your freedom.

Today you will spend your 30th birthday in captivity, in the hands of terrorists, in the eyes of uncertainty.

My hope for you Rossella is that you find a moment of peace, within yourself, to gather the courage to keep fighting this lengthy fight.

Your family, friends and strangers from around the world salute you.

I ask all my followers to please share this message of freedom.

Raise your glass for the women and men who have come before us, raise your glass to the women and men fighting the good fight in the hands of terrorists.

Buon Compleanno beautiful woman. My thoughts and wishes sail across the ocean and into your heart. 

8 thoughts on “A Birthday in the Hands of Terrorists | Rossella Urru

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    • I don’t believe there is a blackout, is comes up on the news every once in awhile here. I heard about her plight via Twitter! There are a few online publications which write about her and her companions, but that’s about it. It’s truly sad.

  2. My feelings, my thoughts are for you and for her too dear Jennifer. I hope and wish her to be saved as soon as… Do they make something for her dear Jennifer I mean authorizations… I salute her too in this meaningful day… Thanks and Love, nia

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