Last Nights Sun | A Chemical Trail

Last nights sun was full of radiant colour. The skies are finally clear enough to watch the burning ball of flame set behind the Asinara Islands.

Pretty beautiful, eh?

Now, how about we address that white, long, fluffy line at the top of the picture.

Is it a cloud? A contrail from the passing plane? A chemtrail left in the planes wake? Is it a figment of my imagination? What is it?

I’ve written before about chemtrails left in our skies and it’s still a wonder to me. I watch a few dozen planes pass my house on any given day.

The results are never the same.

Some days the coming and goings of these planes leave nothing but contrails, which dissipate within a few seconds.

More often than not, however, these planes leave long, fluffy chemtrails in their wake. Leaving me and the rest of society in wonder.

I watch them grow, and grow, and grow. I watch; they do not dissipate.

These photos have not been edited. I have only cropped them down from the original (top).

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What is your view on this mysterious fluff in the sky? Are they merely contrails or is there a serious threat to human society in the chemtrail claim?

Will this remain a mystery?

7 thoughts on “Last Nights Sun | A Chemical Trail

  1. There is no mystery here at all. These are chemtrails and there is a good documentary about it. “What in the world are they spraying?” There is a full version on youtube.

  2. Loved the first pic!! It was just brilliant! Reading your posts had become a ‘MUST’ in my daily schedule, am loving it so much! It makes my day simply wonderful!

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