A Photographic Journey | Li Feruli | Sardinia, Italy

It started out as a drab, grey winter-ish day. Once the sun edged closer to the mountain top, the skies opened, to the bluest of beautiful blues. I met her in town, she asked “Vieni a Li Feruli oggi?”

A Photographic Journey. Li Feruli. Sardinia, Italy.

This beautiful 7k walk is half down hill, and half up hill. Stunning panorama from side to side, where cows graze and stare at passersby.

The last stretch, before the parking lot for Li Feruli. The beautiful, stunning beach lies just behind the tree line, down a sandy path, with snakes and cork trees.

Right this way, just wait and see.

For this my friends, is Li Feruli.

Up we go back home to tea, and traditional Sardinian pastries.

But before we go, sits a lizard waiting for me.

We’re near the top, almost home, when I hear a grunt above a granite crop.

They wave us past and nah with glee, for I am the first foreigner they have seen. Off we go to drink our tea, chat and gossip most cheerfully.

Oh, yes! I want to go to Li Feruli. Do you?

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8 thoughts on “A Photographic Journey | Li Feruli | Sardinia, Italy

  1. In the fifth picture, what is that blackish coloured thingie in the water???

    And YAY!!!! The cows came back!!!!!!

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