Freedom for Rossella Urru

Freedom for Rossella Urru

La cooperante italiana è da quattro mesi nelle mani dei suoi rapitori

Rossella Urru is a 29-year-old woman from Sardinia, Italy. On the evening of  22 – 23 October 2011, she was kidnapped (along with two colleagues) in Algeria. She was working for the company International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP).

She has been held hostage for 128 days, 18 weeks, 3072 hours, 184,320 minutes and 11,059,200 seconds. (Recorded on February 27, 2012)

There is a wonderful Italian blog dedicated to Rossella Urru, where you can leave/read letters of support, up-to-date recent press releases and poems written for Rossella by family, friends and strangers.

The blog is a meeting point for the immediate liberation of Rossella Urru.

It is time to bring Rossella Urru home.

11 thoughts on “Freedom for Rossella Urru

  1. hi, i am a sardinian living in ireland, i’ve just heard about Rossella and the other two Italian and i have sent an e-mail to the English newspaper the Guardian asking them to talk about it and bring attention to the story. hopefully it will help. I’ll keep e-mailing them every day til i see it published

    • Ciao Marianna. Thank you for your support. It seems the Italian media is not doing their job in telling the public. I watch the news every night, and have get to see a news reel about Rossella Urru. Please let me know what happens.

  2. I haven’t known this, too. How made me sad now… You did a great job by sharing with us dear Jenny, my prayers for her and I wish her to come back safely to her home. Thanks and Love, nia

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