Two Hours in the Mountains | Sardinia, Italy

She walked beside me and jabbered on. Her broken, high-pitched accent threw me for a loop. At first glance, she seemed so Sardinian, but as she talked that speculation evaporated. She told me that my spoken Italian is not the greatest, we laughed. She said “nor is mine.” We laughed again.

She moved to Sardinia sixteen years ago and brought with her half of her home village from Romania. Her energy spun around the warm air as she explained the sylvatic goodness of Sardinia’s wild roots and I found myself basking in the newfound education.

We hiked two kilometers together through the beautiful Sardinian wilderness, before she turned around and headed back to town, back to work.

We said our piacere’s and parted ways. I continued on the voyage.

What did you do today?

About Jennifer Avventura

Canadian Freelance writer living in Sardinia, Italy. A serial expat who has lived in Australia, England and Cayman Islands. She eats Nutella with a spoon and hides under the bed during lightning storms. When she's not out running 6k you will find her sitting at the computer - writing her novel and searching for worldwide waitress work.
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12 Responses to Two Hours in the Mountains | Sardinia, Italy

  1. niasunset says:

    Ah, dear Jenny, I was busy at home…. my voyage was in this humble world between the walls BUT opening a great adventures too. Like to be in here.

    I loved this two hours walking in the Mountains… As if you took me into the screen…. 🙂 How beautiful. The first photograph is amazing for this lovely guide and accompanying person and friend… Fascinated me. I wished to be there too with you both… What a beautiful view… Thank you dear Jennifer, with my love, nia

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    What a lovely thing to do. I went to Florence today….not bad.

  3. Chris says:

    You say so much in so little space. Your stories warm my heart and your pictures are amazing!

  4. thirdeyemom says:

    Nice post! Is it really that sunny there now and no snow? We were supposed to have a big snowstorm but it passed us again! The kids are disappointed as am I! Today I went to Zumba and danced my body off! I am becoming an addict as I love the latin moves and music! 🙂

  5. Sandra Guirguis says:

    Absolutely perfect.

  6. Beautiful pics!! Love the way you narrate things 🙂

  7. zannyro says:

    So glad I found your blog…thank you for taking me on a hike!

  8. Woman says:

    Oh wow!!!!!

    Thank-you for taking us with you on your journey!!!!

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