12 beautiful beaches to wear your birthday suit in Sardinia, Italy

You searched for it; time and time again: nude, naked Sardinia, nudismo and nude Italy. I’ve done a little digging and found 12 wonderful beaches in Sardinia, Italy where you can proudly wear your birthday suit. Spiagge per e nudismo in Sardegna, Italia.

  • Arbus, Piscinas, CagliariSimplicity by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life 2013
  • Capo Carbonara, Villasimius, Cagliari
  • Mari Pintau, Geremeas, Cagliari
  • Spiaggia di Prumare, Muravera, Costa Rei
  • Spiaggia di Is Arenas, Oristano
  • Spiaggia del Liscia, Palau, Olbia-Tempio
  • Tortoli, Lido di Orri, Ogliastra
  • Porto Ferro, Alghero
  • Cala Volpe, Porto Cervo, Olbia-Tempio
  • Liscia di Vacca, Olbia-Tempio
  • Piccolo Pevero, Arzachena, Olbia-Tempio
  • Capo Falcone, Stintino, Sassari

But before you strip down, be sure you know the laws of the land:

In 2006 the Italian Supreme Court passed a law stating that certain beaches could be designated as a nude beach. These beaches would in fact have to post signs for the weary traveler – stating the beach as a nudist beach.

Summer 2012 in Taormina, Sicily a man was fined €1200 for going nude on a public, overcrowded beach. There were other nudist on the same beach as this man but they ran away to hide the moment the police arrived. He was the only one who had the balls to sit on his patch of sand and make the police come to him!

Tortoli, Sardinia – 2 British tourists were subject to a stern warning from police for being naked on the beach.

***Disclaimer: I have never been to any of the above beaches. Please use caution and common sense before you shed your clothes.

Do you like to wear your birthday suit on the beach?

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34 thoughts on “12 beautiful beaches to wear your birthday suit in Sardinia, Italy

  1. Recently visited Li Feruli and while it was very quiet the average numbers sunning and swimming was probably vaired between 8 & 20. The weather was very good around 20/24c.
    While approx 50% kept their bottoms on while sunning or walking almost everyone swam or bathed naked. We did speak with English, German, Dutch and even a local pair who were relived to see an relaxed nudity begin practiced by many.
    We had a the usual walkers who to a large extent completely ignored the people whether they were swimming or lying sunning.We did see 2 local families enjoying their freedom all be it their children were very young and Mum and Dad being nude would not have noticed by the children.
    The locals told us that it was accepted at most times at the end of the beach but one should (dress) at busy times in July & August so as not to cause offence but it wasn’t difficult to find a quiet spot to go nude.
    Can recommend Li Feruli for naturists but be careful not to offend and walk a bit from the paths.

    • Good for you – it is a lovely stretch on beach. I shall remind my wife that it is most definitely 100% unofficially a nude beach. Missing Sardegna again already!

  2. Well we made it to Li Feruli, came across the sign on the way into Isola Rossa. It was moderately busy and I got to tan in the buff but put on my cossie for me and my wife to walk the beach (she stayed in her bikini). I explained that it was definitely “unofficially nudist” and she pointed out that I was the only one… A young mother came collecting stones etc, while her partner and child stayed under their shelter – she smiled as she went past, but an older lady with her partner may have seemed less than impressed. At best I think it is tolerated – but anyway a truly lovely spot – apart from the steep walk back to the car!

    • I’m glad you had a nice time. That walk back to the car after several hrs at the beach is agonizing. They do have a wooden path there now, no? If so, it’s new. I haven’t walked it. Used to be all sand, felt like you were going backwards!

      • Yes, there is a new boardwalk and bamboo screening all the way from the car park. As we were walking down the boardwalk we knew we were in for a calf busting walk back up. It’s a beautiful beach and very relaxing – so worth the effort.

  3. Howdy,

    I agree with one thing: one always should avoid any behavior that can shock others.
    Respect is the buzz word here.

    Now, in Sardeigna, as well as in many other places on this globe, if you want to enjoy sun and water in combination with your birthday suit only, there is a rather simple rule: walk more than 20 minutes away from any car / main street / public trsp line and you can be sure that you will be either alone, or with a decent level of confidence away from anyone capable to be shocked.

    Moreover, July-August is not the best period to enjoy Sardeigna, since a) the amount of tourists peaks during this period of time and b) light is dull. Favor, if you can, May or October. In May, you will encounter green spots, whereas in October the sun has had its impact on vegetation. But in either case, you will not be bothered by tourists nor by law enforcement officers on any beach.

    Enjoy !

  4. My husband and I have been going to Sadinia for many years now and really enjoy the quality of the beaches. We normally go early June / October when it is quiet and have never had any problem going nude. I was a little reluctant at first but when I noticed we were not the only people on the beach naked I had no hesitation and my husband quickly followed. We often go to Li Feruli which is the far end of Badsi beach probably at least 1km from the busier part.we have never seen more than 10 /12 people close to where we go and the majority are naked and all ages from toddler through to Granny and Grandad as a lot of families enjoy the wide open space.
    The scenery is spectacular and Castlesardo has to be seen at night.
    Looking forward to going soon to keep my “all over ” tan topped up.
    Rosemary and Thomas

    • This is great news as have always found most Sardinia beaches to be busy and fully clothed. Where do you park for this beach? Thanks!

      • There is a car park at the top of the sand dunes which can be accessed from either the Badsi side or from the othe side. Be careful the road is very narrow with large stones on it. There is now a new wooden path which goes down almost to the beach with just the last part on the sand dunes. I would think that in the summer peak times it would be very busy and care would be required if you wanted walk nude but there is plenty of space for sun bathing without drawing any unwanted attention.

      • Thanks very much – I will look our for it on my next visit in June – happy days!

      • I frequent this beach often, and legally speaking, it is not a nude beach. However, I have seen several people on the beach who go in the buff. Just please remember this when visiting, there are very stiff fines for those caught naked on an unlicensed beach.

      • Thanks – I did wonder! I prefer nude to anything but have worn {gasp!} a man thong in Sardinia with no problems from the locals, just a ‘huff’ from an American girl. Perhaps I will have to pack one, just in case 🙂

      • Its a good idea, yes. I do know for a fact, that locals do not like to see nudity on that particular stretch of beach, particularly if there are children around. Just be wise with where you choose to disrobe. Have fun!

      • It a good idea to always have something to cover up. Begin cautious is always the best option,A few years ago we were on a beach at the waters edge in the buff with a few Germans also in the buff back a bit when a elderly local (male) waked passed and gave an un approving look. He walked back and and then came back past with 2 mature females who were in cotton underwear and obliviously quite hirsute they smiled and turned and walked back smiling again but he seemed even more cross. About 15 mins. later I noticed a man in uniform walking briskly in our direct so we took the precaution of putting on our briefs. We didn’t have any problem and after he left we returned to the buff to have a quick swim before packing up and leaving passing the 3 the 2 mature ladies not topless but bra staps down leaving most of their breasts exposed, they smiled again but ” cross man ” didn’t give any eye contact. Perhaps he didn’t like it as both my husband and I are “shaven”, his companions obliviously were not.

  5. Thanks for the useful post. We’ll be staying in Alghero in May and are planning to try Porto Ferro

  6. Are you sure about Piccolo Pevero?! Have the laws changed!? The last time we went no one was in their bday suit. Ironically,we were thinking of going there today, (WITH our bathing suits!) lol!!!

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