Inside Sardinia: The Giants’ Tomb of Su Cuaddu’e Nixias

During Sardinia’s winter months when the maestrale wind outnumbers the sunny days, I like of take off to little unknown pockets of this vast island. I’m usually without a map, but not far from reach is a cellphone with gps, because here in the back mountains of Sardegna, any turn can take you to mysterious and often forgotten ancient monuments of the island, and I recently got lost here …

🔹The Giants’ Tomb of Su Cuaddu’e Nixias in Lunamatrona. Possibly the oldest tomb on the island. Circa 1700-1600 AC. These megalithic structures which were used as massive collective graves can be found all over the island of Sardinia, some are so massive that you feel so small, some tombs are just left in ruins and others feel like a porthole to another dimension.

Su Cuaddu’e Nixias, Lunamatrona, Sardegna, Italy

Su Cuaddu’e Nixias loosely translates to Nixias’ Horse. This tomb is fascinating by the presence of a hole at the center of the pillar. According to legend, the purpose of this hole was to tether horses. However, some scholars believe that the hole was created well after the Nuragic civilization. Leaving many to wonder the hole’s intended original purpose.

There are few, if any, written records from that time. What we have left are fragments of a strong and resilient civilization that domineered this island with their structures that still stand today, and this is what I find so mysteriously beautiful about this island in the Mediterranean.

Have you visited any of the archeological monuments here on the island?

4 thoughts on “Inside Sardinia: The Giants’ Tomb of Su Cuaddu’e Nixias

  1. I read once that Sardinian’s regard the Roman empire as relatively new when compared to their Nuragic history. This was contrasted with the USA where anything over 100 years old is regarded as ancient.

  2. Ciao Jennifer
    When we first went to Sardegna and we were on our way to Anela, we all stopped to see several that were of the Nuragic civilization. On our secong trip my cousin took us to see more of them and as in the first time found them to be so very interesting, one in particular has a church near to it and is used today. Just amazing and so very beautiful and mysterious. Thank you for sharing a similar site at Su Cuaddu’e Nixias. Something to visit on a return trip. Stay safe, have a beautiful week exploring more to share with all of us. May God Bless and keep you always safe!
    Love & Hugs,

    • Thank you, Rosemarie. I don’t know where Anela is but I’ll be looking on the map the moment I finish this comment. It’s really something what the Nuragic people accomplished, I’m always left in awe. Wishing you a sunny day.

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