Cascata Triulintas, Martis, Sardinia

©It’s easy to find this 15 meter waterfall in the municipality of Martis, Sardinia, Italy.  Lucky for us there were plenty of signs posted along the side of the roads indicating: Cascata Triulintas. After driving down a long, dirt road you will come to a dead-end and it’s from here you must walk the 10 minutes it takes to reach the waterfall. There are no signs indicating a parking lot. We just pulled up, parked and walked. We also happened to be the only people visiting the waterfall – it was splendid and great for snapping photos. It’s too bad that my camera’s battery died the moment we arrived at Cascata Triulintas as I only grabbed one photo, the rest are my friends’ shots.

Inside Sardinia by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (2)

It’s an easy hike to the waterfall, just follow the dirt path. Once inside the bush there are no signs pointing in the right direction. It’s almost impossible to get lost in here, the path has been well tread and a wooden fence lines the way. You will even find picnic tables at just the entrance to the waterfalls, slightly hidden under old oak trees, a nice shaded place to rest and take in your beautiful natural surroundings.

Cascata Triulintas was once a thriving grain mill until floods ravaged the area. Beside the waterfall are the remains of the ancient water driven mill. The best time to visit this waterfall is from December to April when the currents are running their fullest.

Cascata Triulintas by DG Photography My Sardinian Life

This is just one of the many special, hidden wonders that Sardinia can offer.

Are you ready to take the jump?

12 thoughts on “Cascata Triulintas, Martis, Sardinia

  1. Lovely spot. A pity they saw fit to erect a fence on the skyline, though. Better to have signs well back saying, ‘Be careful not to fall over the edge, but if you do take a look at the view to the right before you bounce off your first rock.’

  2. Jennifer
    Another interesting find. You need to be a travel guide, I would go on any of your tours! Great work as always!

    The Sard/American

    • Thank you again! You’re my number one supporter! I’d love to be a travel guide but the licensing in Italy is rather long and tedious, plus in my area there is nowhere to take it. I would have to go to Milan or Verona.

      • I will always be a supporter for you, you don’t realize how much you bring to so many letting us see and know so much about Sardegna, its culture, people, foods, and the oh so many beautiful towns and ancient historical findings. Plus all of your amazing photos! You are very gifted Jennifer! Oh I think there are many places of such interest and beauty as well as historical in Sardegna. Now all of this with the excellent foods and a great guide would be amazing! This is still such an area traveled by many but not enough to appreciate all of it! We have all be able to learn through your eyes and knowledge! Thank you, sincerely! Have a beautiful day! It is raining, finally, here in Danville, California, much needed! May God Bless! Enjoy your day!

        The Sard/American

    • It was really nice, but not as amazing as it seems in the photo. If your in the area it’s a nice stop with a nice little hike, I wouldn’t drive out there just to see this falls. We were already in the area and saw the sign. No, I didn’t take a dip, it was really cold that day I was bundled right up!

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