Dear Sardinia: I miss you more than you will ever know

Eleven months ago I left my heart and soul in Sardinia, and my mind has never forgiven me. There are times I scroll through thousands of photographs just to see if I can still remember her, to see if I can remember her salt water smell, or the panorama from hundreds of meters above the sea. There are times when my heart aches so deeply for her that it bleeds memories of mirto, running from herded cows on the street, learning dialect, endless blue skies and sampling any of the fabulous dishes her country people offer.

Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

It’s never good-bye, it’s I’ll see you later. And I will.

*Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

Twenty-five kilometers east of Sassari, in the sprawling center of the Anglona region, lays the stunning small town of Martis. It is here you will find the magnificent Petrified Forest of Carrucana – Foresta fossile di Carrucana.

Petrified Forest of Carrucana Foresta fossile di Carrucana by Jennifer Avventura My Sardinian Life (4)

What is a petrified forest?

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