Dear Sardinia: I miss you more than you will ever know

Eleven months ago I left my heart and soul in Sardinia, and my mind has never forgiven me. There are times I scroll through thousands of photographs just to see if I can still remember her, to see if I can remember her salt water smell, or the panorama from hundreds of meters above the sea. There are times when my heart aches so deeply for her that it bleeds memories of mirto, running from herded cows on the street, learning dialect, endless blue skies and sampling any of the fabulous dishes her country people offer.

Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

It’s never good-bye, it’s I’ll see you later. And I will.

*Petrified Forest of Carrucana, Martis, Sardinia

17 thoughts on “Dear Sardinia: I miss you more than you will ever know

  1. Wow Jennifer, your post blew me away! It’s just amazing to see how much passion, love and soul you poured into it and how much you truly love Sardinia!
    I have been living in London for the past 8 years and my boyfriend (he is Sardinian and I am half Sardinian half “continentale”, lol) moved here so we could be together as there was no way for us to get a permanent job there. We are hoping things will change soon as he is really desperate to move back and I am keen on trying too. Sometimes I do wonder wether I would be happy living in Sardinia as I’ve been there many times but life is very different from what I’ve been used to in my hometown in North of Italy…and especially in London!
    All the best,


  2. Somewhere there is a saying that Sardinia is like his honey: miele amaro. When you taste it is bitter, but behind the first taste you dicover the sweetnes and that will never leave you. It is kind of melancoly.

  3. I know exactly how you feel Jennifer! As a young woman and visiting Sardinia and my family during almost every summer break I had mixed feeling about the place,it was too slow,too simple for my way of life,too unorganised.Now that I have been away for so many years,everytime I go back I feel this little voice inside that tells me that there,not here is where I truly belong….

  4. 4 and half months and we will be saying good-bye to Shanghai. Sometimes I feel sad and wish I could stay longer, but other times I am excited about starting new and returning home. It will be a challenge and I think the hardest part will be finding my place back home into an ordinary life when away is so different than home and filled with new wonder and challenges.

    • I was and still is a challenge for me back here. There’s no slow way of life, it’s all fast, fast, fast. I’m really looking forward to getting back to that way of life, I miss it. I’m sure you will settle in nicely back home, how’s Willow?

      • I can be apprehensive about the move, but it is time. the pollution is hard on me and after a big health scare I think it is better to be home. Willow is still silly as always. She is not as energetic ALL the time as she was. She was just crazy for the first year. She will be getting ready for the big trip soon too!

  5. I wonder if I will feel this way about London when I leave. I know I will miss it but I wonder how much that will affect me. At least you have the memories from your pictures.

  6. In the deep South of America they have as saying:

    To know what it means
    To miss New Orleans.

    I know how I would feel if I left this country, but I guess sometimes that’s what it takes for us to realize what it means to us. I had to spend 13 years in LA before I was able to retrace my steps.

    I’m rooting for you Jennifer.

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