Asparagus caught in Sardinia

One of my favourite pastimes while in Sardinia, and in the early part of the year, is to hunt for wild asparagus. The flavour is stronger than the store-bought asparagus and the shoot much thinner. There are many dishes I’ve created with this earthly wonder: pasta, frittata, slightly baked, lasagna, and pickled asparagus.

Cascabraga by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (19)

I’ve collected asparagus in the early spring for the last seven years and this year, sadly I won’t be hunting for wild asparagus as it doesn’t grow in abundance in Canada like in Sardinia. So, for now just the memories of those moments.

Do you collect any wild vegetables? What are they and where do you collect them?

5 thoughts on “Asparagus caught in Sardinia

  1. Hi Jennifer, your blog is amazing! Can I ask you why you choose Sardinia? I’m sardianian and curious about that ahah I think it’s not so famous outside of Italy (or Europe…many germans and french people in summer) probably many foreiners when they think of Italy they think about Venice, Florence and so on…sorry for the mistakes, have a nice day

  2. Fennel grows wild in parts around where we live and it is fun to collect that. I am sure there are more plants available but not close by! It is always good hearing from you and so enjoy all of your stories, keep up the great work! Love to you and your husband and family in Canada! May God Bless!

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