Snapshots: The Bell Tower at Castelsardo, Sardinia

The bell tower at Castelsardo in Sardinia’s northwest is one of the most photographed monuments from this pre-Nuragic, quaint town by the sea. From every angle, far and wide, the cathedral’s bell tower looms in the background of every photo.


Grand and spectacular from every point; the bell tower at Castelsardo should be on everyone’s “to see” list. There’s a lot to do and see in my favourite Sardinian town, from ancient castles to cathedrals, sea-side sights and some of the best restaurants around where Cannonau is poured freely and the seadas comes just right.


Will you put Castelsardo on your bucket list?

2 thoughts on “Snapshots: The Bell Tower at Castelsardo, Sardinia

  1. We were lucky enough to attend a wedding at the Cathedral of San’Antonio Abate some years ago. The Bell Tower and Cathedral are both beautiful buildings. It is visible for many kilometres in both directions along the coast line. The present building dates from around 1557 and finished some 200 years later. It’s well worth a visit, though some approaches are difficult with very steep steps.

    • Wow, that wedding must have been beautiful! I’ve only dined up there and been a “tourist.” It’s really an enchanting town and am lucky to be able to see it from where I type this message. 😉

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