Snapshots: Reflections of Summer in Sardinia

It seems that winter has eluded us, at least for the last four days it has, where we’ve had temperatures upwards of 19 degrees Celsius and we’re still in the month of February. After a harsh, wet, gray and snowy winter it is invigorating to see the bright blue skies and the warm, luminous sun that casts its brilliant rays on my pale Canadian skin. These are my reflections of summer in Sardinia and it’s times like these that I dream of our endless summer, dream of the warm waters of the Mediterranean and dream of a place where time ceases to exist.


When the weather clears, all I care about is putting my feet in the warm sand on the coast of Sardinia, walking the beach or reading a novel as the soft wind blows. I’m a Canadian that escaped the cold harsh winters of the north for a more subtle, relaxing and always brilliant atmosphere where I can find peace with myself and with the world around me.


The only place I’ve found that deep serenity is here … in Sardinia.

Where do you find your peace of mind?

8 thoughts on “Snapshots: Reflections of Summer in Sardinia

  1. I tend to find peace of mind anywheret in the wilderness, be it woodland, mountains or by the sea. Having been to Sardinia last year though I definitely experienced peaceful moments, but as there were seven of us (three kids) it wasn’t always particularly quiet!
    The beaches were always packed when we visited, so it was inland where I found some lovely spots. In the village of Nurallao where we stayed and up in the mountains.

    • Oh, how I agree with you! I do prefer those moments inside Sardinia, spots where few tread, spots where time stops. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Will you return to Sardinia?

      • I certainly hope so! I’d like to see Cagliari and explore the mountains more. And go to the beach, of course. Cala Brandinchi was my favourite. How about you? Any suggestions?

  2. My Dearest Jennifer,
    My garden has already got anemones, little mauve violets, and cut salad and now I shall put the potatoes in,I came back from Rome yesterday to find my mimosa out in full bloom,I agree with you about the sand the beach and a good read,It has been cold this winter.I do cook over the fire and I only have a big open fire for the the two winter months but I manage, it is a blessing to feel the house get warmer.
    Love and God Bless Rosalie

    • Your garden sounds like a perfect blessing. I wish we had space to plant a garden, I wouldn’t ever leave the house if we had. 😉 Thanks for always stopping by and commenting, it’s appreciated. Do you blog?

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