Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


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Another fantastic theme this week: Urban. Seeing as I don’t live anywhere near an urban center, I had to dig deep into my photographic archives to find a suitable photo(s). Urban Amsterdam Urban Copacabana Urban Fira Urban Bern Urban Verona … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer in Sardinia


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This week’s theme is easy for me; summer. Summer in Sardinia is spectacular. With warm inviting sand and crystal clear blue waters to float away in. Summer in Sardinia Footprints in the sand. Sea shells and fossils. Sail away in … Continue reading

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

In no particular order of importance, as each town, beach and island, is a spectacular assault on the senses. All ten areas will leave you breathless and in awe.

Top 10 Sights in Northern Sardinia

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La Pelosa di Stintino. One of Sardinia’s Best Beaches.


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Stintino(SS) is a small natural oasis dating back to 1885 when forty-five families made the short voyage from the Asinara Islands to settle, fish and raise sheep. It’s a breathtaking paradise where the waters are turquoise and the sand is powder-white … Continue reading

Avventura is hot


Hot in Sardegna

It’s been a busy few weeks for Jennifer Avventura: showing off Sardegna to visitors from the mainland, checking out the best beaches in the world, lounging like a hot lizard on white sandy beaches. Life doesn’t get better. Proof is in the pudding.