A Year in Review – Top 12 Photos of 2012 | Sardinia, Italy

Let’s take a look back at some of My Sardinian Life’s best shots from the most spectacular island in the world – Sardinia!

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year.

Thanks for sticking with me! 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Delicate is the hand that paints beautiful, pensive Sardinian children.

D'Arte Maria Caterina Satta (40)

Painting by Maria Caterina Satta.

This is my response to this weeks theme – delicate.

Travel Theme: Hot

Another great theme from Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? The theme this week is hot and I wish it were hot in Sardinia now. Instead of warm summer temperatures we’ve dipped below 10c! That’s shivering cold for us. I’m bundled up tight in my Canadian sweatshirt and wooly socks and dreaming of higher temps.

Hot on Li Feruli

Li Feruli by Jennifer Avventura 2012 (5)

How hot is too hot for you?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Panoramic reflections in Sardinia, Italy

Jennifer Avventura (5)This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I am thankful to my husband and house guests, who braved the wild Sardinian mountains to collect these beautiful Portobello mushrooms.

This is my response to the weekly photo challenge: thankful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green are the farmer’s pastures where animals lazily graze. Sardinia, Italy.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

The Bobcat Cat

This is my street and the Bobcat Cat; under construction, the renewal of pavement and pipes.

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge. To see more fantastic submissions – click here.

Travel Theme: A Bright Sardinian Pomegranate

Sardinian pomegranates are ripe for picking. They are bright, delicious and have been a symbol of prosperity and hope, all over the world for centuries.

Did you know?

During the Persian wedding ceremony, a basket of pomegranates is placed on the ceremonial cloth to symbolize a joyous future. In Turkey, after the marriage ceremony, the bride throws a pomegranate on the ground. The number of arils that fall out are believed to indicate how many children she will have. In Crete, when a bride enters her new home, the groom hands her a pomegranate. In China, a picture of a ripe, open pomegranate is a popular wedding present, expressing the wish, “May you have as many children as there are seeds!”Âą

I love pomegranates; when I was a child I remember my mother bringing this brightly coloured fruit home; always an Autumn fruit and always perfect. I devoured every last aril, often staining my fingers, table-cloth, face and fingers in the process. It was a delicious childhood.

Did you know?

Pomegranates are a SUPER food. That’s right, this brightly coloured fruit is packed with vitamin C, potassium AND it’s a fantastic source of protein.

Are you searching for a pomegranate recipe? Look no further – I’ve done the searching for you. Check out this awesome site POMEGRANATES Recipes which is full of delicious pomegranate recipes from main courses to desserts and drinks. I will definitely be trying the grilled eggplant with pomegranate sauce recipe.

Pomegranate Art in HDR

Tips on peeling a pomegranate:

Do not wear white!

This is my response to the weekly travel theme from Ailsa – Bright

How do you like your pomegranate?

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Pomegranate yogurt Parfait via Jillian in Italy

SourceÂą: Say “I Do” to pomegranates

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I got a little funky in Photoshop, for this week’s photo challenge – Geometry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Go to foreign countries and you will get to know the good things one possesses at home.”
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

(click on any image to view it larger.)

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign.

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