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Here I will share some of my travel (mis)adventures from around the world.

Sardinia’s Deadly Streets

From my safe, comfortable living-room I can hear ambulance sirens ring out, and I hope this time nobody has lost their life but it’s never that easy in Sardinia as every summer hundreds of people die on Sardinia’s deadly streets. … Continue reading

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Stefano Cucca – the Sardinian man who left his home to bicycle around the world

On June 8th, 2013, 34-year-old Stefano Cucca left his home in Sorso, Sardinia to bicycle around the world to promote sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles. Thus far, Stefano has ridden 30,000 kilometers and he hasn’t left Sardinia, yet. The idea for this project came … Continue reading

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A rum tour from Jamaica’s Appleton Estate

The Appleton Estate distillery is located in the picturesque Nassau Valley in the parish of St. Elizabeth. They have been distilling rum for 260 years with the age-old process of time and patience. We spent a wonderful morning there, having … Continue reading

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Notes from 1997 | An Australian Maverick

This is a second installment on my series Notes from 1997. To read the first chapter click here. Enjoy. “Bondi beach stop,” yelled the handsome bus driver in his smooth Australian accent.  I didn’t want to get off that bus … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

“Go to foreign countries and you will get to know the good things one possesses at home.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (click on any image to view it larger.) “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who … Continue reading

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How to overcome fear while traveling on the road

There are a few things in life, for which I am deathly afraid of. My blood begins to boil at just the thought of seeing or being involved in one of these things. Here’s  a quick Top 10 list of … Continue reading

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The Crazy Bat House of Sardegna

Two months ago a bat entered the house and has taken residence ever since. She swoops, squeaks and flies circles around our heads, nightly. She came crashing down while we were having a dinner party, much to the amusement of … Continue reading

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Notes from 1997 | Toronto to Bondi Beach, Australia

***This post was originally written as a guest post for The Blissful Adventurer while he was busy gallivanting in Italy earlier this year. “Mom, I’m moving to Australia for a year.” “But … where will you go? What will you … Continue reading

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How Virtual Tourist Opened My Eyes to Inspiration

This is a guest post I wrote back in November 2011 for Canada’s Adventure Couple – Dave & Deb it was published on their super fab site earlier this week. This was my first guest post I’ve written and was great … Continue reading

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The snow I left behind in Canada | Photo Post

Friday the 13th and the Niagara Region gets hit with its first major snow storm of 2012 and I found myself in a snowy paradise. I prayed to the snow Gods for every night and day. On the twenty-third day … Continue reading

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