The snow I left behind in Canada | Photo Post

Friday the 13th and the Niagara Region gets hit with its first major snow storm of 2012 and I found myself in a snowy paradise.

I prayed to the snow Gods for every night and day. On the twenty-third day she responded with blinding whiteness.

It was cold, bitter cold, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying natures white wrath of beauty.

The wind billowed its wicked strength though my ancient winter coat as the fat flakes fell gracefully from the grey snow filled sky.

How do you play in the snow, or do you prefer the comforts of a warm fireplace?

16 thoughts on “The snow I left behind in Canada | Photo Post

  1. I have been randomly reading some of your posts and decided to look at the ones about “Canada” as I am feeling a little homesick today. Especailly since your pics are from the area where I grew up! These pictures of the snow make me remember what real snow is and not the skiff of snow here in Shanghai that brings the city to a stand still.
    We only had flurries this year, but last year we had enough to create a light ground cover not once, but twice. Unbeleivable! It brought out the child in everyone including grumpy or professional adults who are always on a mission and rush and bump past you to this or that place. The laughter carried through the silence as the snow muted out the city noises… everywhere you went you saw mini snowmen on sidewalks. By the time I got my camera to capture this it all had melted… but that is how snow is in Shanghai… rare, and quickly a memory.

  2. I used to live around there!!!!!

    Now I want to go where there is snow and just play in it. Then make my way to a fireplace and just curl up drinking hot cocoa and tell funny jokes back and forth!!!

    Stunning pictures!!!! Makes me homesick!!!

  3. I like the snow if I don’t have to drive (or be driven) anywhere. But, in cities, by the next day it’s just grimy.

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