Snowed in Sardinia

It’s hard to imagine Sardinia’s slopes, peaks and valleys covered heavily in snow, but it happened. It snowed in Sardinia!

This past week in many parts of Sardinia it snowed so hard that many people were left without heat, electricity or even a way out of their homes. It left its mark in the memories of the locals and those that had to shovel out of it. Most of the island was hit with a blanket or two of the cold white stuff, the worst hit areas are Nuoro, Fonni, and Tonara where it took far too long for help and snow plows to arrive. My thoughts, prayers and wishes for warmth and safety to those affected by the storm.


The above photo whipped by our windows a few days ago leaving a thick white blanket which quickly melted and trickled down to the sea. Such a contrast from the bright blue sky that I’ve come accustomed to in sunny Sardinia.

Did snowmageddon reach you?

A nostalgic panorama from a Sardinian Snowfall

Snow makes me feel nostalgic. Freshly fallen snow atop Sardinian mountains and valleys gives me feelings of revitalization and reminds me of cold Canadian winters past. I’ve always hated the cold, the deep, long Canadian winters and everything associated with it: wearing a toque, mittens, boots, wet socks, scarves, skiing, shoveling, de-icing the car, plugging the car battery in over night and the dirty wet slush that always comes with a heavy snowstorm.

That is why I’ve spent most of my life living or vacationing in tropical paradises all over the world (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Jamaica, Cayman Islands). When I decided to move to Sardinia I convinced myself that it didn’t snow – it couldn’t, could it?


It did snow, for three lovely weeks.


And for the snow-bird who always flew the coop when it got too cold; I found myself diving head first into the stunning Sardinian snowfall that had bestowed its beautiful white grace upon the lush green mountain tops of Sardinia.


This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic.

What gives you feelings of nostalgia?

Early Morning Snow & Sun | Photo Post

Morning Light

Watching snow melt

Rainbow Snow

Stubborn Blindness

I pass her on my early morning runs, she is generally feasting beside the bamboo fence.

This morning, once the sun shot its first morning beams over the mountains, I headed out into the wild winter morning in hopes to capture her magnificent beauty.

I’ve tried to photograph this stunning white horse for months. Finally this morning she steered her stubborn head towards me. My camera was on full zoom and this was the best I could get.

Calling to her in English proved her stubbornness overboard. I tried in dialect “AJO.” I called tut-tuts and come here’s, she didn’t budge.

Stubborn in her own winter blindness.

How do you photograph animals?

Sardinian Snow Angel

With barely an inch of snow, the children come out to play.

Snowy Sardinia Take 3 | Feb 11th, 2012

Woke this morning to a complete and utter white out. Was planning on running 6k, but that idea is shot out the window. These pictures were taken at 7:30am.

The largest snow storm to hit Sardinia in thirty years is still hitting the island hard with the white fluff. The locals haven’t the means in dress to keep warm, no winter boots, jackets, mitts or hats. They are not used to climates like this and have begun to hibernate. The streets are silent.

Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve

Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve!

The last large snow storm to hit Italy was in 1985. Records are meant to be broken and this weeks snow storm has snarled traffic, closed schools and office buildings and made a big white wintery wonderland all over Italy, and now finally … Sardinia.

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Video – Snowy Sardinia | Feb 6th, 2012

Greetings from snowy Sardinia. The white fluff keeps falling closing schools, buses and offices. Farmers are left in frustration as their crops are frozen, giving rise to a price hike in fresh produce.

Video – Sardinia Covered in Snow

Sardinia covered in snow! Sardegna sotto la neve.

Day three and we are still covered in snow!

The snow I left behind in Canada | Photo Post

Friday the 13th and the Niagara Region gets hit with its first major snow storm of 2012 and I found myself in a snowy paradise.

I prayed to the snow Gods for every night and day. On the twenty-third day she responded with blinding whiteness.

It was cold, bitter cold, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying natures white wrath of beauty.

The wind billowed its wicked strength though my ancient winter coat as the fat flakes fell gracefully from the grey snow filled sky.

How do you play in the snow, or do you prefer the comforts of a warm fireplace?