A nostalgic panorama from a Sardinian Snowfall

Snow makes me feel nostalgic. Freshly fallen snow atop Sardinian mountains and valleys gives me feelings of revitalization and reminds me of cold Canadian winters past. I’ve always hated the cold, the deep, long Canadian winters and everything associated with it: wearing a toque, mittens, boots, wet socks, scarves, skiing, shoveling, de-icing the car, plugging the car battery in over night and the dirty wet slush that always comes with a heavy snowstorm.

That is why I’ve spent most of my life living or vacationing in tropical paradises all over the world (Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Jamaica, Cayman Islands). When I decided to move to Sardinia I convinced myself that it didn’t snow – it couldn’t, could it?


It did snow, for three lovely weeks.


And for the snow-bird who always flew the coop when it got too cold; I found myself diving head first into the stunning Sardinian snowfall that had bestowed its beautiful white grace upon the lush green mountain tops of Sardinia.


This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic.

What gives you feelings of nostalgia?