Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve

Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve!

The last large snow storm to hit Italy was in 1985. Records are meant to be broken and this weeks snow storm has snarled traffic, closed schools and office buildings and made a big white wintery wonderland all over Italy, and now finally … Sardinia.

This Canadian couldn’t be happier. Early this morning I ventured out with camera in hand to snap this winter wonder we are having.

I toured my tiny white town for a few hours, getting strange glares from the odd traffic that passed in my direction. I was in paradise.

The animals were not happy with their new found white terrain. They moo-ed in dissatisfaction, but came running when I called.

My favourite are sheep. There is something oddly majestic about them. I’m not sure they enjoyed this winter morning even though they are dressed for it.

Even in the blinding whiteness of winter we find colour.

I walked up to our tallest mountain, and this is what I found. La Madonna keeping our town safe from a winter wonderland.

On top of ole smokey all covered in snow.

A few panoramic shots, just to get the real feel of snowy mountain tops.

I threw snowballs, made miniature snowmen and silently skied down Sardinia’s snow filled roads. It was a wonderful winter morning in the Mediterranean.

How do you like your snow?

24 thoughts on “Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve

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  2. La mia Sardegna,!!! Mi manca tanto. Io sono nata a Bitti (Barbagia di Bitti) e poi a 9 anni ci siamo trasferiti ad Alghero, dove la neve non c’era e mi mancava tanto. Alghero e’ bella, ma il mio cuore e’ sempre rimasto nel cuore della Sardegna. Mia madre veste ancora tipicamente (barbaricina), non ha mai voluto cambiare, anche quando viaggia per il mondo e desta curiosita’. La gente molto discrettamente mi chiede che tipo di abbigliamento sia, visto che non e’ arabo, indiano ect. Grazie per queste bellissime foto.

  3. Me? Like snow? Maybe once a year as an “experience”. 😆

    I can understand you loving it though! Lovely shots, so different from your usual sun-drenched beaches.

  4. These pictures are gorgeous, not the usual from you in Sardinia… but beautiful anyway. I love the Madonna, she looks as though she is watching over her flock. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! This Canadian also loves the beauty of a landscape covered in freshly fallen snow. Love the descriptions of the animals 🙂 We have barely had any snow here in NYC. It has been an incredibly mild winter and I (and especially the kids) are really missing the white stuff. Enjoy!! Raising a mug of hot chocolate in your direction!!

  6. Ok. I have to say I am so totally jealous of you!!!

    But I have the EXACT same mittens!!!! Vancouver Games!!! They in my opinion one of the best pairs of mittens I’ve ever had!!! Do you know if they have a stock pile????

    • I know, these mittens rock the boat, eh? My Mom sent me my pair during the Vancouver Olympic Games, they are so very warm. Stock pile, probably yes. You can still buy them at The Bay and Zellars, but they are not the offical mittens of the Vancouver Games.

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