Stating the Oblivious | How I found YouTube

Early morning runs have given way to cold, wintry mornings in; computer side. With my eight year old crocs keeping my elevens warm and toasty, I forget about the six kay and settle deeply into the wonders of the net.

I skim along the morning headlines and click a YouTube link, probably from one of the major social networks circling the many circles. I watch the cute, quirky, kind of annoying video of whatever and notice, in the upper right hand corner my social Gravatar, I click it in wonder. What’s behind that door?


So, I did it! Five times!

Watch the snow fall on Sardinia. Feb. 6th, 2012
Watch snow falling on Sardinia from a mountain top
Watch animals you meet on the roads of Sardinia
Watch 3 Sards and 1 Canadian
Watch a beautiful beach of Sardinia, on a windy day

What do you think?

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