Snowed in Sardinia

It’s hard to imagine Sardinia’s slopes, peaks and valleys covered heavily in snow, but it happened. It snowed in Sardinia!

This past week in many parts of Sardinia it snowed so hard that many people were left without heat, electricity or even a way out of their homes. It left its mark in the memories of the locals and those that had to shovel out of it. Most of the island was hit with a blanket or two of the cold white stuff, the worst hit areas are Nuoro, Fonni, and Tonara where it took far too long for help and snow plows to arrive. My thoughts, prayers and wishes for warmth and safety to those affected by the storm.


The above photo whipped by our windows a few days ago leaving a thick white blanket which quickly melted and trickled down to the sea. Such a contrast from the bright blue sky that I’ve come accustomed to in sunny Sardinia.

Did snowmageddon reach you?

Sardinian Snow Angel

With barely an inch of snow, the children come out to play.

Snowy Sardinia Take 3 | Feb 11th, 2012

Woke this morning to a complete and utter white out. Was planning on running 6k, but that idea is shot out the window. These pictures were taken at 7:30am.

The largest snow storm to hit Sardinia in thirty years is still hitting the island hard with the white fluff. The locals haven’t the means in dress to keep warm, no winter boots, jackets, mitts or hats. They are not used to climates like this and have begun to hibernate. The streets are silent.

Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve

Sardinia Covered in Snow | Sardegna Sotto la Neve!

The last large snow storm to hit Italy was in 1985. Records are meant to be broken and this weeks snow storm has snarled traffic, closed schools and office buildings and made a big white wintery wonderland all over Italy, and now finally … Sardinia.

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