Stubborn Blindness

I pass her on my early morning runs, she is generally feasting beside the bamboo fence.

This morning, once the sun shot its first morning beams over the mountains, I headed out into the wild winter morning in hopes to capture her magnificent beauty.

I’ve tried to photograph this stunning white horse for months. Finally this morning she steered her stubborn head towards me. My camera was on full zoom and this was the best I could get.

Calling to her in English proved her stubbornness overboard. I tried in dialect “AJO.” I called tut-tuts and come here’s, she didn’t budge.

Stubborn in her own winter blindness.

How do you photograph animals?

8 thoughts on “Stubborn Blindness

  1. Oh wow!!!

    I usually take a whole long bout of patience when I go to photograph children or animals. I set my camera to “motion” or “multiple burst” and just sit there. When I was trying to capture a humming bird at the feeder over the summer, I took over 1100 photos and only fifteen were ok, and three the perfect shots. But that was a hummingbird and usually for animals and kids I take about a hundred and get about ten to twenty good ones.

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