Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer in Sardinia

This week’s theme is easy for me; summer. Summer in Sardinia is spectacular. With warm inviting sand and crystal clear blue waters to float away in.

Summer in Sardinia

Footprints in the sand.

Sea shells and fossils.

Sail away in Stintino.

Get caught up in the waves in Costa Paradiso.

Relax while watching the Frozen Open Surf Contest in La Marinedda.

Snap shadow photos of yourself on Li Feruli.

See what summer means to others here.

How do you like your summer? I like mine hot, boiling hot.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer in Sardinia


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  4. A nice collection of Sardinian summer. I would like to visit it some day, though not in summer, I don’t like mine very hot 😉

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  6. Wonderful post, Jennifer! I love the sea! And the sea-shells.
    I swam here in Sydney’s Botany Bay foreshores last Monday, and despite the cold water, enjoyed it, mainly because of the clear view of the beautiful shells.
    Lucky you, with your summer almost there….. keep up the posts!

  7. Stunning. Great collection of pictures. It will be difficult to pick out a single one among so many beautiful pictures. But my favorite would be the last one. Great work.

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